• What’s up – 3.05.19

    Well, it has been a few weeks since the last update and I had hoped for more progress on my projects but, instead, I started another quilt. Pinterest is a wonderful source for inspiration but can also distract you from your current ideas. There are SOOOOO many ideas on-line that you just HAVE to make. It seems like I have been playing with new ideas and not finishing up the old ones.


    quilt center
    The flying geese quilt is still missing the side borders. This is one of those cases where I thought I had enough background fabric UNTIL I changed the design. I have done some calculations and I might have just enough of the solid navy fabric but I need to make careful cuts.

    Floral Rails
    The blocks have been sewn into rows and I am working on adding the borders. Unfortunately, I don’t have a long enough piece of the border fabric to use for the side borders. Are you sensing a theme? The borders will have to be pieced. Not a big deal – it will look fine.

    lilac star rows
    My star blocks are up on my design wall sewn into rows. They might be slightly wrinkled but it gives you a look at the quilt center. Maybe now I will be get motivated to add the borders.

    Here is my idea for the layout of my leader ender hourglass blocks. I was inspired by a Red Pepper’s quilt . When you look at the my photo you can see that I arranged the hourglass blocks slightly different. The color section of each hourglass unit surrounds the rail fence to form a block. The pink area (design wall) will end up being a variety of plain 3″ finished beige squares.

    How are your projects coming along?

  • What’s up – 2.12.19

    Here is an update on some of my ‘work in progress’ projects.


    quilt center
    Flying Geese – I have been working on other projects and unfortunately this one has gone on the back burner for now.

    rail fence
    Floral rail fence – hey…I have figured out the layout. I have gone from square rail fences to making rectangular blocks. The pink you see in the photo is my design wall. You can tell that I will need to fill in the some blank spots.

    star blocks
    Lilac Stars – this is a small quilt of only 20 blocks (4×5) so sewing them into rows didn’t take much time but now I am not sure what to do for a border.

    Leader Ender Hourglass – this has been my leader ender project for awhile and I finally have enough blocks to start working on a layout for a small quilt.

    How are your projects coming along?

  • What’s up – 2.03.19

    It seems that I have only been posting lately when I am showing you a finished quilt top. I decided to switch it up and try (emphasis on TRY) to post more often and give you updates on my projects. Here are a few that I am working on.

    quilt center
    Flying Geese – You saw this back in December. You can read more here about the blocks. I have made progress and the quilt center is done. It ended up longer than I wanted but I like the layout so now I have to figure out the side borders. The bad news is that I have a limited amount of the navy blue background fabric left to use.

    Rail fence blocks – this started out as a simple rail fence blocks that I could have set in either a stair step or chevron layout. BUT…and you know there was a but….but that seemed to predictable. I started moving the blocks around and thinking of how I could spice up a layout using these blocks.

    lilac star blocks
    Lilac Star blocks – When I purchased these fabrics I must have thought I was going to make a huge quilt or quilts. Definitely bought more than was needed. Well, I finished French Lilac back 2016 and put the rest of the fabric back on the shelf. It is time to drag them out and have some fun. I love how the star points are floating and there is the bonus of not having to worry about matching points.

    How are your projects coming along?