• 2015 Leader Ender Quilt

    YAHOO….I made my deadline. My 2015 Leader Ender quilt top was finished on December 31st, 2015. Just in the nick of time.

    2015 Leader Ender
    2015 Leader Ender


    Bricks in the Barnyard
    Bricks in the Barnyard
    My inspiration was Bonnie Hunter’s ‘Bricks in the Barnyard’ quilt from her ‘Scraps & Shirttails II’ book. Of course, I decided to change up both the layout of the block and the quilt. The result was a quilt that is similar but different from Bonnie’s.


    You may have noticed that I have a RSC16 button on the right side of the main page. I have decided to join the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2016. Some of the fabrics have been chosen and I hope to find some time in the next week to sew up a few blue/purple blocks for January. Take a peek and see what all of the fun is about here. There will be ‘Linky Parties’ so that you can see what everyone else is doing.

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  • Design Wall Wednesday 11.11.2015

    Hard to believe that it is almost the middle of November. Where are the days going? I finished up the garden winterizing and ready for alot more quilting time. Here is what I am working on.
    Charm pack Newest project – I have had this charm pack forever. It is lovely and it is time to make something. I have been pondering the X Plus block. I have seen MANY quilts on-line that are beautiful. I really like the design but these fabrics are needing a more simple design. What if I just use the snowball block. Hmmm….

    Hearts Hearts – I decided that I needed a small quilt to hang in my office cube for Valentine’s day. Once I found Cluck Cluck Sew’s tutorial ‘Simple Hearts’ I fell in love with the simplicity of the block. I know that I already have bunches of projects that I am working on but I am anxious to play. Love the colors. I am thinking that most of the hearts will be small but will add a few bigger ones. Aren’t these blocks adorable?

    Uneven 9 patch Batik – Quarter Log Cabin. I have made some great progress on putting this quilt together. I have the blocks sewn into rows and now putting the rows together into pairs.

    Honeycomb Honeycomb – the quilt top is almost done. I just need to finish putting the rows together. I wasn’t sure how I would like working with hexagons. There are a little fussy to sew together but the quilt is well worth the extra effort.

    Leader/Enders 2015 Leaders & Enders – Getting close to finishing the 80 blocks for the quilt center. Only need 19 more blocks so I started cutting the squares and rectangles for the border.

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  • Design Wall Wednesday 10.07.2015

    Fall is in the air. The weather is cooler now with temps in the low 40’s in the morning and highs in the low 60’s. But at least the leaves haven’t started falling yet. Need to have a few warmer days so that I can get the garden ready for winter. Here is what I am working on.

    Batik Uneven Nine Patch quilt top is done but when I posted about it I receive MANY lovely comments and some requests for more information about the block. In case you are interested, I posted the block tutorial yesterday and hope to add it to my NEW tutorial page soon.

    Quarter log cabin Batik – ‘Quarter Log Cabins’. I have all 80 blocks made but the design wall has been busy lately with other projects. Probably okay since I haven’t finalized my design layout.

    Houses Scrappy Summer 2015 #2 – ’20 Cottage Lane’. Quilt top is almost finished.

    Hexagon Scrappy Summer 2015 #3 – ‘Honeycomb’ is made using hexagon blocks. Isn’t the pumpkin color perfect for a background? Photo is showing it a bit brighter than it is in real life.

    Leader/Enders Leaders & Enders 2015 – I am starting to put the pieced units into blocks. Yahoo…progress.

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  • Design Wall Wednesday 9.02.2015

    How can it already be September? Where does the time go! I have been working a little on my WIP’s during the past week or so. Finally feels like I am making some progress.

    Uneven 9 patch Batik ‘Uneven Nine Patch’ (I know – not a very creative name). Any suggestions for a name?
    The quilt is coming along nicely. I have started sewing the 8″ blocks together into pairs. The layout is only a 6×8 grid so it shouldn’t take long before the quilt top is finished.

    Quarter log cabin Batik – ‘Quarter Log Cabins’. I have 48 blocks done but decided that I wanted the quilt to be bigger. These blocks will finish 6″ square so if I go to a 8×10 grid the quilt center will finish 48″x60″. I was doing a search on quarter log cabin blocks to see if I could find some inspiration for a layout when I found a photo of MY blocks. Kinda strange to be looking at your own blocks on a google image search.

    Houses Scrappy Summer 2015 #2 – Houses. I am thinking that the quilt will be smaller (more of wallhanging size) but who knows until it is done. The blocks in the photos were oversized a little since I am wasn’t sure what size I wanted. I am leaning toward a finished 5″x 7″. Here is my first quilt for Scrappy Summer 2015 – Petals using the same collection of fabrics.

    Leader Enders 2015 I think I have decided on the layout only to discover that I will need more units (bunches of them). What do you think of adding a border made up of dark squares and rectangles? I like the look but maybe it needs a bit of red for a skinny inner border.

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  • Design Wall Wednesday 8.12.15

    Work has been taking most of my time but I did make a bit of progress on my WIP’s.

    Petals Scrappy Summer 2015 is off to a slow start. I am in the process of sewing the diagonal rows of ‘Petals’ together. Not sure about a border other than having the grey with dots on the edge. Maybe a colorful binding. I have made a few blocks for Scrappy Summer #2 but it still needs alot of work.

    Batiks - log cabin Batik - 9 patch Batik – I have 30 quarter log cabin blocks made. Probably will make more once I figure out a design. There are 36 nine patch blocks and I think I might go with a 6×8 grid so…a few more to make.

    2015 Leader/Ender I think it is looking great. Haven’t done much more than pin the units to the design wall as I make them. I will eventually need to decide on size. How big should I go? Hmmm…things to ponder.

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  • Design Wall Wednesday 7.08.15

    Wow !!     Can you believe it is already July. Where did June go? Here is what is going on in my studio.

    Petals Petals – here is what I am doing for the first of my ‘Scrappy Summer 2015’ quilts. A simple quilt of squares and four patches.

    Batik fabrics Batiks – I have many batik fabrics hanging out in my stash. It has been ages since I used them in a quilt so decided that they would be perfect to use for a couple of easy designs I want to play with. So far I have chosen 18 batik fabrics. The first quilt idea will be some version of a nine patch.

    2015 Leader & Enders Here are some of the units I have made using Bonnie Hunter’s Leader/Enders idea while working on other projects. I must confess that sometimes I sew more than one at a time. I am anxious to get more on the design wall to figure out the layout. I am at a point now that I need to go back and cut up some more squares and rectangles from the recycled shirts.

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    Have a great evening,

  • Design Wall Wednesday 5.13.2015

    Not much of progress in the studio this week on the WIP’s BUT I did start a couple more. I know, I should finish one before starting another one but when you are stuck and unsure what to do it is better to work on something else.

    Bright Colors The blocks are sewn together into rows but I haven’t figured out what to do for borders. Do I add smaller four patch blocks on point using the colors? Do I do an insert strip piece? Decisions..decisions.

    Americana The quilt center is done and looks great – very patriotic but I still need to figure out size of inner border. The pieced outer borders (triangles) are done so now I need to decide on the size of the inner border so that all of the pieces fit together.

    Teal & Brown Teal and Brown Since I can’t figure out borders for the other quilts I decided to pull together some fabrics. Aren’t they great? Love the colors. I have made a bunch of block in a block units and trying to figure out layout.

    Leaders & Enders 2015 Here is a sample of the recycled shirts I will be using for my 2015 Leaders & Enders quilt. Actually, I have 35 shirts (so far) ranging from light to dark in blue, green and brown. If you haven’t heard about ‘Leaders and Enders’ check out my previous post.

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