Carla’s Squares

Carla is a great friend and a member of my local quilt guild. She also persuaded me to join a charity quilt group. Back in January, Carla must have thought I needed a challenge and gifted me a bag of miscellaneous squares. They were mostly green and purple fabrics but not all the exact same size. Now….what to do with them.

Here is the first quilt top I made adding some white background and an orange accent fabric. It is a version of a disappearing nine patch block but I decided to sew them differently since some of the fabrics where directional. An extra challenge.

Carla’s Squares 1

The second quilt is a simple rail fence block.

Carla’s Squares 2

Here is a closeup of the rail fence quilt top to show off the fabrics.


The peonies and iris’s are done blooming already but my oakleaf hydrangea is showing off.

oakleaf hydangea

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  • Rebecca Grace

    Both of these quilt tops look great, but I’m especially smitten with the first one. The way you oriented those directional, slightly striped fabrics, gives me the impression of vertical movement throughout the quilt. Kind of like when you see a computer programmer on TV in front of a screen of scrolling computer code. I don’t know why, but that’s what I see. You’re making great use of those gifted squares!

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Rebecca, thanks for stopping by. I wouldn’t have thought of scrolling code but I see what you mean. Micki

  • Patricia

    Beautiful quilts! That red works well and gives the eye a place to rest. Isn’t it wonderful how the rail fence quilts can look like they’re so hard to make? Your’s is quite lovely!

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