Changing quilts – February 2019

I need some color. Winter has been way too long. Here in Minnesota, we have broken records in both really cold temperatures and snowfall and the weather folks say we will get more snow this weekend. That means more shoveling. UGH !!

Since I am not taking a vacation to a warmer climate – let’s switch out one of the quilts on display with something light and spring like. It has been a while since I have had this quilt out to play. It has fold creases but I don’t care. It brings a little sunshine into my home. If you squint the creases seem to disappear.

Gum Drops

‘Gum Drops’ is a quilt top I made back in 2015 and finishes at 69 x 89. To read more about the quilt check here and here.

Have a fabulous weekend !



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