What’s up – 2.03.19

It seems that I have only been posting lately when I am showing you a finished quilt top. I decided to switch it up and try (emphasis on TRY) to post more often and give you updates on my projects. Here are a few that I am working on.

quilt center
Flying Geese – You saw this back in December. You can read more here about the blocks. I have made progress and the quilt center is done. It ended up longer than I wanted but I like the layout so now I have to figure out the side borders. The bad news is that I have a limited amount of the navy blue background fabric left to use.

Rail fence blocks – this started out as a simple rail fence blocks that I could have set in either a stair step or chevron layout. BUT…and you know there was a but….but that seemed to predictable. I started moving the blocks around and thinking of how I could spice up a layout using these blocks.

lilac star blocks
Lilac Star blocks – When I purchased these fabrics I must have thought I was going to make a huge quilt or quilts. Definitely bought more than was needed. Well, I finished French Lilac back 2016 and put the rest of the fabric back on the shelf. It is time to drag them out and have some fun. I love how the star points are floating and there is the bonus of not having to worry about matching points.

How are your projects coming along?


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