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My girlfriend and I went to Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN for their New Year’s day sale. Hayward is about 90 miles south of Minneapolis but definitely worth the drive. I found many fabrics and more than a few quilt kits that I liked. I narrowed down the selection to two very different kits. The problem is – do I choose the kit with fabrics from Lily Asbury in yellow, pink, green and orange or the kit containing fabrics from Moda’s line called ‘Avant Garden’. I am not sure what made me look at the Avant Garden kit. The fabrics aren’t my usual colors or even my usual design. I went back and forth trying to decide which one would come home with me. Well – they both did (along with MANY others fabrics).

Here is a few of the fabrics in the kit.

Avant Garden
Avant Garden

My original idea (while still at the shop) was to do a log cabin type block with lots of light background but now I am not so sure. Need to find a background that will play nice with all of the prints. Something either a beige/cream solid or a nice print fabric. Then I can start pondering the design. I then went searching through my idea box to look for a pattern/design. Found a few candidates but still not sure.

Yesterday, I found this pattern at Moda Bakeshop showcasing this fabric collection Avant Garden It is really a fun, easy pattern but is it too predictable. Do I want something else? Something to challenge me? Or do something simple instead? Maybe I could use the dresden ruler I purchased over a year ago and have yet to used it. What if I make a triangle quilt. So many ideas.

Have you ever had fabrics that you really wanted to use but couldn’t find the perfect pattern or design? How about the opposite dilemnia of having a fabulous pattern or design and unsure of what fabric to use? Quilters are frugal folks. We want to make sure we do justice to the fabric and to the pattern.

Have a great week.


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