Rain all week

Alliums and columbine
Rain has started to turn the yellow brown grass green over the past couple of days. I am seeing irises, tulips and day lilies peeking through the mulch with promises of beautiful flowers to come. Hopefully, we won’t get more snow. Last Saturday it was warm enough to be out and about cleaning garden beds and taking a walk with my two dogs. Not the case now. Rain, winds and cold weather has settled in for the whole week. I snapped a photo of some white daffodils and purple alliums. The plant at the bottom of the photo is a volunteer columbine plant.

South Beach

This is what I am contemplating for the border on South Beach. The photo only shows some of the 48 blocks (yes the quilt grew to a 6×8 grid). Not sure I like the corners but it gives you an idea of what’s happening on the design wall today.


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