Wheel of Mystery Quilt Top Done

Wheel of Mystery

Another of my WIP’s is done! Yahoo !

Don’t look too close. Not my best sewing but I am glad I took the time to learn to work with curves. Have I mentioned how glad I am that this was a pre-cut kit with registration notches. Next time (if there is ever a next time) I will pay more attention to the direction I press the seams. I ended up repressing some of them when I sewed the blocks together.

On to other projects. I am making progress on both my ‘Quiltsville Facets’ and ‘South Beach’ quilts. Blocks are done for both (I think) and I am deciding on layout and placement. How are your projects going?


I was hoping for Spring to show up but after a few nice days we are back into cold weather. I woke up this morning to temps around 20 degrees. Brrrr.

Check out my ‘Linky Parties’ page to find some fabulous sites where I share my projects and get inspiration.



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