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I (actually my brother Paul did all the hard work) recently changed the name of the blog to 2 Dogs Studio and revamped the design.

A lot of thought went into deciding what I wanted from this blog. I have visited tons of sites that range from strictly business to personal. Wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be just a show & tell or something else. I came to the conclusion that I wanted this blog to be a way for me to share my thoughts…my ideas. For it to be my journal/diary. It will give me a place where I can talk about quilting, gardening, two adorable dogs and life in general. A place that will give me the opportunity to show how I come up with quilt ideas from inspiration to the final quilt. A place to ponder designs and layouts. A place to ask for advice.

Come back to visit and see what is on the design wall. If you like, you can sign up for email notification of new posts.


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