• Use the old stash – Floral Rail Fence

    Some of the fabrics I used in my ‘Floral Rail Fence’ quilt are the leftovers from this basket quilt that I made way back in 2006. Photo not the best but it gives you an idea.



    ‘Floral Rail Fence’ quilt finishes at 57 x 77. This quilt started out as simple rail fence blocks that I could have set in either a stair step or chevron layout. BUT…and you know there was a but….but that seemed to predictable. I started moving the blocks around and thinking of how I could spice up a layout using these blocks.

    Floral Rail Fence

    It was an easy quilt to make. No triangles or complicated sewing and it went together quickly. Other than the borders, the quilt uses only 2-1/2″ strips.

    close up

    How are your projects coming along?

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  • Using your old stash for charity

    The first two quilts were made specifically for a local Veterans Home. They need to have the quilt long and narrow so that it will fit the top of the bed. The quilt top used fabrics from my stash (other than background) and I had enough leftover that I was able to piece the backings and cut strips for binding.

    Disappearing Nine Patch (44×76)

    Disappearing Nine Patch

    Antique Tile (38×74)

    Antique Tile

    Floral Plus (48×61)

    Floral Plus

    Not sure where this one will end up but it was a fun, easy quilt to make ONCE I figured out the what contrasting fabric to use that would show off the soft floral fabrics.

    Happy Holidays !

  • Using the old stash: Autumn fabrics

    In digging thru my old stash I came across a collection of autumn colored fabrics. All of them are nice fabrics but I never figured out how to use them. How about…we put them together and make some charity quilts. ‘Coins’ and ‘Disappearing Four Patches’ quilt tops were finished in 2017 and ‘Vintage’ in 2016. I just noticed that I never posted about them so it is definitely time to do little show and share.

    Autumn #1 – Coins (55 x 67) The photo is terrible – the colors are washed out but after trying a dozen times I gave up.

    Autumn Coins

    I made two charity quilts for the local Veterans home. They have requested that the quilts be long and skinny so that they can be used for either a bed or wheelchair.

    Autumn #2 – Vintage (38 x 74)


    Autumn #3 – Disappearing Four Patch (44 x 76)

    Autumn DFpatch


    The garden is looking good. I have bee balm, coneflowers and day lilies that are showing off their bright colors.

    backyard garden

    Here is my current favorite daylily.

    Ruffled Day Lily

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  • Three charity quilts

    I know…not the prettiest but it will keep someone warm. I am thinking this ‘quilt as you go’ was done in late 90’s. All I had to do was add the binding. I must have loved this color combination because I still have some of it. I have cut up the leftover fabrics into fat quarters for our quilt guild to use for door prizes and have given the quilt to charity.


    There is a group of folks that graciously take quilt tops and finish them for a variety of local charities. They are the ones that received the baby flannel quilts I posted about earlier this year. It has been in storage for ages and I decided that instead of languishing in a box it should be given away. Bonus… I had enough of the paisley fabric to use for the backing.

    Paisley 54 x 67

    This is one of my ‘Using the old stash’ quilts. I had a bunch of old calico type fabrics that I was no longer in love with but they were still too good to just toss. Decided it would be perfect for testing out Bonnie Hunter’s ‘Rectangle Wrangle’ pattern. I did change the size of the finish rectangles from 1″x2″ to 1-1/2″ x 3″ so that I could press the seams open. Quilt finished at 54″ x 72″ and was given to charity.

    Rectangle Wrangle

    It was a learning experience – love the pattern but next time I probably won’t put two dark fabrics together. And because you really wanted to see a close up of the fabrics here is a photo…aren’t they lovely (not really).


    How are your projects coming along?

    For those who love flowers here is a photo of some beautiful Asiatic lilies (at least that is what I think there are).

    Asiatic Lily

    Have a great day !

  • Northwoods

    Last summer I was going thru some of my boxes of fabrics and decided it was time to use or give away the old, old stash. There was a box of old Christmas fabrics that I have been saving/hoarding/ignoring for some time. What if I use them to make a cute holiday wallhanging but set them in a more contemporary layout.

    ‘Northwoods’ has been made secretly over the past few months because it was a Christmas present for my brother Paul and his wife Janet. I am finally able to show it to you. They sent me this photo showing the quilt hanging in their foyer.


    Check out the long arm quilting – it really enhances my simple tree quilt. The quilting was done by Patti Marrin of PM Quilt Design. Sorry, no closeups. Didn’t think about in the rush to finish the quilt but the pattern we chose included some holly leaves, berries and swirls.

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  • Too many projects

    Do you ever experience that? Having too many projects going at the same time. Yikes.

    There are many WIP’s hanging around but here are the ones I am working on:

    1) Bonnie Hunters 2016 Leader Ender Hourglass block challenge. I decided that since I gathered such a nice collection of beige, brown, black fabrics for the hour glass challenge I might as well use them to make another quilt. I am using Cluck Cluck Sew star block tutorial to make some simple star blocks. I was originally thinking of a straight forward layout with sashing but then …what if ?!?… Yes, I know the dreaded ‘what if’s’ attack again. As I completed the star point units I pinned them to some fleece on my design wall. Although I am not sure about what to put in the centers I really like it the interlocking layout. Downside is that I would need to make many more blocks to get a decent size quilt.


    2) My girlfriend and I are doing another book challenge. If you didn’t see the last one check out Book Challenge #1. We take turns choosing a quilt from one of our books and actually using a pattern from it. I got to choose the quilt pattern this time. The quilt required MANY MANY 54.40 blocks which ended up more of a challenge than I thought they would be. It is a secret so I can’t share any photos yet.

    3) Making another ‘Using your old stash’ quilts. This time using some of those old calico type fabrics that have been hiding out in boxes for years. The block is the same as my Using your old stash #2: Flannel. It is true – if you cut up ugly fabric small enough it isn’t as bad. These squares finish at 1-1/2″.


    4) Lets not forget about the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. I made a few ‘replacement’ blocks and started sewing the blocks into rows. Will I get the quilt top done before the end of December? Who knows but I will try.

    5) December deadlines are coming up soon. I need to sew on the binding on a quilted wallhanging gift, add a border to both my personal 2016 leader/ender (recycled men’s shirts’) challenge and the last Scrappy Summer 2016 quilt.

    Need to prioritize and really need to stop looking at new ideas.

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  • Using the old stash 2: Flannel

    Another adventure using up some of my old stash.

    I made a flannel quilt ages ago and had some leftover fabric. Flannel isn’t my thing and I probably won’t buy more so what can I do with the little I have. I gathered the fabrics, took inventory and started working on a simple design to use them. I had an thought… what if … hmmm sounds good and considering the colors are muted this would be ideal for a small charity baby quilt. I decided to do something simple using squares. What if I took the leftover fat quarters and cut 2-1/2″ strips and sewed them into strip sets. I could go with a 3×5 grid adding sashing on two sides. Nothing original, I am sure all of you have seen a version of this idea. Well, now the test….can I leave it at that. Will my ‘what if’s’ take over or can I just start cutting. As you can tell I started cutting before I could change my mind.

    I did a show and tell of the blocks at my quilt group meeting last month and it was suggested that instead of making one small quilt I could make two baby quilts. Sounds like a plan and lucky me I had enough flannel to add the same border on both. I took a few photos of outside and this was the best one.


    The flannel baby quilt top measures 38″ square. The border fabric is a bit more green than it looks. Adorable!

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