• Fortune Teller

    Fortune Teller

    It’s official. My new quilt design has a name. I can’t take credit for the name of this quilt. My brother said that the design reminded him of the origami paper fortune teller game we use to play as children. He is so clever.

    The size of the quilt is going to be determined by the amount of fabric I have. I love the design and wish I could make it larger but the fabric bundle only had two fat quarters of each of the four prints. Looks like it will be a small wall hanging.

  • New Quilt Idea

    Sometimes an new quilt idea comes from a fabric collection or from design/layout that intrigues you. Sometimes, I am digging thru my ‘idea’ box and stumbled across some things that spark my imagination. My ‘IDEA’ box is filled with photocopies of quilts and other things that I have liked from magazines, books or on-line. The ‘IDEA’ box is a place I go for inspiration, color combinations, design/layout ideas, etc. My inspiration isn’t ONLY from other quilts – sometimes I see a design in fabric, pillow in a catalog. Every where you look you can find some ‘ideas’. Do you have an ‘idea’ box?

    Have you noticed that there are quite a few flying geese quilts showing up in the blogs? I like the look but I didn’t want to make a quilt that looked like everyone else’s. How could I switch it up? I started thinking perhaps instead of flying geese I could use triangles. Then I thought … but I don’t want the entire quilt to be made of triangles. Maybe I could turn the flying triangles (cute name?) into squares or rectangles and then fill in with background fabric. Hmmmm


    As you can see the fabrics are gorgeous. Love them but, unfortunately, I only have two fat quarters of each of these fabrics. I had already purchased the background fabric to go with it ages ago so I was ready to go. I am struggling with a layout idea. It might be time to make a few sample blocks and see what it leads to.