• South Beach Quilt top is done !

    I know…you are wondering why you didn’t think of using a plywood wall as a photo backdrop. Fabulous isn’t it. Well – the three season porch wall doesn’t look professional but I really don’t have many walls in my house that is large enough to hang this quilt. I like the look with the chair in front of it and the blanket adds a splash of color. On the plus side, if I actually get any of my quilt tops quilted the curtain rod would be able to handle the weight better than my design wall.

    South Beach
    South Beach

    This quilt started out as an experiment to try a different technique that I am calling ‘free style cutting’. It was going to be around 24″ x 32″ then it grew, and grew, and grew until it was 68″ x 84″. It looks gorgeous hanging in my bedroom. Turned out fabulous…wonder how it would look with a different fabric collection.

    On the last couple of posts I have placed a larger photo in the center of the page. What do you think?

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    Have a great weekend.

  • Rain all week

    Alliums and columbine
    Rain has started to turn the yellow brown grass green over the past couple of days. I am seeing irises, tulips and day lilies peeking through the mulch with promises of beautiful flowers to come. Hopefully, we won’t get more snow. Last Saturday it was warm enough to be out and about cleaning garden beds and taking a walk with my two dogs. Not the case now. Rain, winds and cold weather has settled in for the whole week. I snapped a photo of some white daffodils and purple alliums. The plant at the bottom of the photo is a volunteer columbine plant.

    South Beach

    This is what I am contemplating for the border on South Beach. The photo only shows some of the 48 blocks (yes the quilt grew to a 6×8 grid). Not sure I like the corners but it gives you an idea of what’s happening on the design wall today.

  • South Beach


    I am playing with a slice and dice, stack and whack technique to make some block in a block (courthouse step) blocks. Normally, I would take the measurements and make precise cuts to achieve the block. Today – I feel that I want to try to get ‘out of my comfort zone’ and try something a little more spontaneous. The nice thing about this idea is that you just make the cuts, mix them up and sew them back together. I got the idea at one of my favorite blogs From the Blue Chair. See Kati’s tutorial here. Originally I was going to go with the angled wonky cut idea but after testing on some old fabric, I wasn’t sure I like it with the fabrics I was using. Decided to just go with straight cuts of various widths.

    As you can see by the photo, the colors are warm and sunny unlike the view from my window. Here I sit at the computer writing this post, munching on popcorn and watching the snow start to fall. We are anticipating 6-10″. I am soooo looking forward to spring.

    Well…I have made a bunch of blocks without thinking of how big to make the quilt/wall hanging. I like the concept and what I have done so far but how big do I go with this. I thought it would be a ‘fun’ wall hanging of a 3×4 grid which with blocks around 8″ square would make it about 24″ x 32″. Well, couldn’t decide so I made more blocks. Maybe I will go with 4×6 but that seems a strange size of 32×48. Should I make more to get it to a 5×7 grid = 40×56? Is that big enough? Do I make more blocks? Yes, I have more fabrics and I don’t mind making more blocks but the fabric colors wouldn’t be my first choice for a bigger quilt. Do I leave it wall hanging size and then use the leftover blocks into a small baby quilt for charity? Or do I make it a more useable lap size? I think a lot of quilters make their quilts with someone in mind. Perhaps, for the new baby in the family or a wedding present. My quilts are generally for me…just for the enjoyment of quilting.

    Decisions, decisions. What would you do?