• Sneak Peek and Quilting Tip

    Here is a sneak peek of Version Two blocks on the design wall. I really need to find a name for this other than Version Two. Most of the fabric is from Zen Chic’s Juggling Summer’s collection. Since the fabric has circles…perhaps ‘Zen Circles’ would work. Will have to ponder. Any suggestions?


    Quilting Tip:
    I tend to like to chain piece the units together. In order to keep the pieces in the correct order and keep my sanity I add a piece of paper denoting the row and number. The tag is centered so that I don’t have to move it to sew the units together. This way, I don’t have to sew one pair together, press, put back in place and then take the next pair etc etc. Once you have them in pairs you have the option of either putting two pairs together into a four-patch style block or to sew them into rows. I prefer the ‘row’ method.