• Four Patches

    I have started my Leader Enders project for 2016. I am not sure what it will look like but it will have lots of four patches using my recycled men’s shirts. There are a few different ways to make four patches. You could sew four squares together or make strip sets that you cross cut and sew together. Since I am using scraps instead of yardage I won’t be making strip sets. I want variety but I am a little lazy and really don’t want to sew the small square pieces together.

    This idea isn’t anything new. I am not sure where I saw this method but I have used it for years. Seems silly to do a tutorial for such a super simple method but I wanted to SHOW you the steps.

    Four Patch - step1 I want to end up with finished 2-1/2″ four patches so I started with two 3-3/4″ squares. I slightly over sized the beginning squares so that I don’t have to worry as much about cutting and pressing. The extra time that it takes to trim the units is well worth it to me to end up with great looking four patches.

    Sew a 1/4″ seam on two opposing sides.

    Four patch - step 3 Cut the square in half.

    Four patch - step 4 Press the seams towards the dark.

    Four patch - step 5 Line up the two pieces right side together with opposite colors touching.

    Four patch - step 6 Sew on the short ends making sure your seams nest nicely.

    Four patch - step 7 Cut the piece in half.

    Four patch - step 8

    YAHOO…you have two adorable four patches. Once I figure out the design layout I will sliver trim them down to 3″ so that they are ready to be sewn into a block.

    So far, I have 100 four patches sewn together which is a nice start but it will take MANY MANY more to make a quilt.

    If you are curious, here is my 2015 Leader Ender quilt.