• YaYa Quilt Top Done


    I have had the quilt top finished for awhile but work has been so hectic for the past few weeks that I haven’t had a chance to post the photo. Work has taken over my life and hasn’t left much time for quilting. I decided to add a 5″ plain background border with corners matching the sashing posts. ‘YaYa’ finished at 48″ x 68″.

    On to my next project.

  • and now we have sashing

    YaYa Quilt

    The ‘YaYa’ quilt is coming along. I made the decision on the sashing and posts and have them sewn into rows. NOW….border decisions. When I first designed this quilt I was thinking that I would add a simple 5″ finished border using the background fabric. Now, I am thinking that I might want to incorporate the post design into the border. The center fabric finishes 3/4″ – I know silly but aren’t they just adorable? Something to ponder. How are your projects coming along?

  • Sashing Decisions


    Now that the blocks are done for my ‘Ya Ya’ quilt I need to decide on the size of the sashing strips. The blocks will finish 7-1/2″ square set in a 5×7 grid. If I go with a finished 2-1/2″ beige sashing between the blocks and then put a finished 5″ beige background border the quilt would measure around 57″ x 77″. Nice size. Not too big – not too small.

    Christmas is fast approaching, do you have all of your holiday quilt projects done?

  • Quilt Top Done


    Zen Circles quilt top is done. I think it turned out GREAT!. After experimenting with several different border ideas I decided that none of them were adding anything to the overall look of the quilt. I will probably bind it with the same black fabric that is in the quilt.

    Hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. How are you coming along finishing your quilt related gifts?

    Happy Holidays,

  • First two blocks


    Here are the first two blocks for a quilt I am calling ‘Ya Ya’. ‘Ya Ya’ is Greek for grandmother.

    It is my spin on the classic granny square quilt block. Check Teaginny Designs here for a traditional but colorful example of the granny square block.

    Wanting to avoid having all of those bias edges on the outside of the block, I decided to sew the block together differently. The ‘Ya Ya’ block has the same look…only different.

    Come back and see how the quilt turns out.

  • Zen Circles


    Progress on ‘Zen Circles’. The quilt is going together very quickly and I am already sewing some of the rows together. I am still pondering what to do for borders. The options that I have looked at include doing a piano key layout, rail fence, or a checkerboard four patch but I am leaning towards NO border and a pieced binding. You will have to come back and see what I decide.

  • Sneak Peek and Quilting Tip

    Here is a sneak peek of Version Two blocks on the design wall. I really need to find a name for this other than Version Two. Most of the fabric is from Zen Chic’s Juggling Summer’s collection. Since the fabric has circles…perhaps ‘Zen Circles’ would work. Will have to ponder. Any suggestions?


    Quilting Tip:
    I tend to like to chain piece the units together. In order to keep the pieces in the correct order and keep my sanity I add a piece of paper denoting the row and number. The tag is centered so that I don’t have to move it to sew the units together. This way, I don’t have to sew one pair together, press, put back in place and then take the next pair etc etc. Once you have them in pairs you have the option of either putting two pairs together into a four-patch style block or to sew them into rows. I prefer the ‘row’ method.