• Carla’s Squares

    Carla is a great friend and a member of my local quilt guild. She also persuaded me to join a charity quilt group. Back in January, Carla must have thought I needed a challenge and gifted me a bag of miscellaneous squares. They were mostly green and purple fabrics but not all the exact same size. Now….what to do with them.

    Here is the first quilt top I made adding some white background and an orange accent fabric. It is a version of a disappearing nine patch block but I decided to sew them differently since some of the fabrics where directional. An extra challenge.

    Carla’s Squares 1

    The second quilt is a simple rail fence block.

    Carla’s Squares 2

    Here is a closeup of the rail fence quilt top to show off the fabrics.


    The peonies and iris’s are done blooming already but my oakleaf hydrangea is showing off.

    oakleaf hydangea

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  • Somer’s Garden

    I purchased a fat quarter bundle from Connecting Threads ages ago and decided it was time to use them. I rummaged thru my stash and found a few more fabrics to add to the collection. Now what to do with all of them. Something simple but graphic. What if . . . I make some 16 patch blocks.

    Take some 2-1/2″ strips, mix and match them to make the blocks and then offset them with dark blue rectangles. The charity quilt is cleverly name ‘Somer’s Garden’ which, coincidentally, is the name of the fabric line. I know, smart huh !

    Somer’s Garden 44 x 56

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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year !! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and you are ready for all of the fun and adventures in 2020. Have you made any resolutions?


    Here are a couple of charity quilt tops I recently made. Warning, you might want to put on a pair of sunglasses. The prints are adorable but when you put all of them together into a quilt …. wow, makes for a busy quilt. The first one has the flower print in the center of the squares with the bird print as the border.


    The ‘Bird’ quilt reverses the block center and border fabrics. Even the striped inner border are two different combinations of colors. These were fun quilts to make.


    Minnesota was part of the big storm that hit this past week. We got rain, freezing rain and then the snow came. I like the way the snow looks on evergreen tree but it was a bit treacherous to walk or drive on.

    new snow

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    Happy Holidays

  • Modern Puzzle

    I completed this 48 x 64 quilt awhile ago and am finally getting around to sharing it with you. I used a free pattern I found on-line. You can find that information here. Since the quilt is already pretty busy, I decided to not add a border. Wouldn’t the pattern look great using a scrappy collection of fabrics. Might have to make another version.

    Modern Puzzle
    close up

    Bunnies are cute and adorable but can cause havoc in any garden. I wasn’t sure what to do but decided that perhaps adding some more boards to my backyard fence could slow them down. The light colored boards are the new ones.


    Weather has been great lately so I have been spending more time in the garden than in the quilt studio. The plants are looking great. Unfortunately, the same can be said about the weeds.

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  • Use the old stash – Floral Rail Fence

    Some of the fabrics I used in my ‘Floral Rail Fence’ quilt are the leftovers from this basket quilt that I made way back in 2006. Photo not the best but it gives you an idea.



    ‘Floral Rail Fence’ quilt finishes at 57 x 77. This quilt started out as simple rail fence blocks that I could have set in either a stair step or chevron layout. BUT…and you know there was a but….but that seemed to predictable. I started moving the blocks around and thinking of how I could spice up a layout using these blocks.

    Floral Rail Fence

    It was an easy quilt to make. No triangles or complicated sewing and it went together quickly. Other than the borders, the quilt uses only 2-1/2″ strips.

    close up

    How are your projects coming along?

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  • Using your old stash for charity

    The first two quilts were made specifically for a local Veterans Home. They need to have the quilt long and narrow so that it will fit the top of the bed. The quilt top used fabrics from my stash (other than background) and I had enough leftover that I was able to piece the backings and cut strips for binding.

    Disappearing Nine Patch (44×76)

    Disappearing Nine Patch

    Antique Tile (38×74)

    Antique Tile

    Floral Plus (48×61)

    Floral Plus

    Not sure where this one will end up but it was a fun, easy quilt to make ONCE I figured out the what contrasting fabric to use that would show off the soft floral fabrics.

    Happy Holidays !

  • Three charity quilts

    I know…not the prettiest but it will keep someone warm. I am thinking this ‘quilt as you go’ was done in late 90’s. All I had to do was add the binding. I must have loved this color combination because I still have some of it. I have cut up the leftover fabrics into fat quarters for our quilt guild to use for door prizes and have given the quilt to charity.


    There is a group of folks that graciously take quilt tops and finish them for a variety of local charities. They are the ones that received the baby flannel quilts I posted about earlier this year. It has been in storage for ages and I decided that instead of languishing in a box it should be given away. Bonus… I had enough of the paisley fabric to use for the backing.

    Paisley 54 x 67

    This is one of my ‘Using the old stash’ quilts. I had a bunch of old calico type fabrics that I was no longer in love with but they were still too good to just toss. Decided it would be perfect for testing out Bonnie Hunter’s ‘Rectangle Wrangle’ pattern. I did change the size of the finish rectangles from 1″x2″ to 1-1/2″ x 3″ so that I could press the seams open. Quilt finished at 54″ x 72″ and was given to charity.

    Rectangle Wrangle

    It was a learning experience – love the pattern but next time I probably won’t put two dark fabrics together. And because you really wanted to see a close up of the fabrics here is a photo…aren’t they lovely (not really).


    How are your projects coming along?

    For those who love flowers here is a photo of some beautiful Asiatic lilies (at least that is what I think there are).

    Asiatic Lily

    Have a great day !