• Book Challenge #5

    It was Carla’s turn to decide on Book Challenge #5. Normally, we choose a pattern from a book but Carla mixed it up this time. She chose the book “ScrapMania’ by Sally Schneider BUT instead of a pattern or quilt she chose a block. It is a half square triangle where one side is pieced. You might know it as Mary’s Triangle or Cats Cradle.


    The results of this challenge gave us three awesome quilts that have totally different looks.

    Jane’s version…

    I chose to use the Cat’s Cradle Tool by Creative Grids for the block used for this challenge. Years ago I made the block using HSTs and this tool made it so much easier. For inspiration, I finally used the Lemon Grove fabric by Alice Kennedy (top and bottom borders) – sometimes we just have a hard time cutting beautifully designed fabric into small pieces.


    Carla’s version

    Reds and lights from the stash. I should have figured out the size BEFORE I started sewing and cutting! Putting together 1676 triangles has me disinclined to do much with half square triangles in the near future.


    My version was done in batiks and finishes at 62 x 62. It was fun to dig into my boxes of batiks to choose just the right fabrics. Once I figured out that I wanted the quilt to look like stars it was easy UNTIL it came to deciding on sashing and borders.


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  • Book Challenge # 4

    The book I choose for Book Challenge 4 is titled ‘Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts’. After looking at all of the traditional quilts in this book I picked “Ladder to the Stars’. The quilt is a combination of Ohio star and Jacob ladder blocks and was originally done very scrappy.

    The book was published in 1995 which explains why I wasn’t able to find a photo on-line for either the book or the pattern. I did the next best thing…took a photo. Okay, I agree, I am not a photographer but it gives you an idea of the quilt challenge.

    Here is Jane’s version….


    “Sunrise” finishes at 35” x 49”. My process for designing my quilts begins with Corel graphic software. I draw the quilt as it is in the book – no graph paper or colored pencils for me. Since I wanted a smaller quilt, the number of blocks and block size changed from 9” to 6”, then the 1” sashing was added. Eventually, the pieced border was eliminated. The more I played, the smaller it became – it definitely needed a border. Was it still recognizable as the quilt in the book? I say ‘yes’. Having my heart set on making this quilt using grey and yellow, I shopped my stash of yellow/grey/white/black print fabrics but ended up rejecting all due to scale. It looked like I would need to change the color scheme dependent on what I found for a border fabric. A-(stash)-hunting we will go! And there it was – a wavy striped print with yellows, greys and green – perfect! I was going to get my grey and yellow quilt after all.

    Carla’s version….


    Changes I made in the pattern include alternating the Ohio Star blocks and the Jacob’s Ladder blocks instead of putting one kind in the middle and the other in the border. I also rotated one of the parts of the Jacob’s Ladder block to get a stronger diagonal line. I had played around with the design on the app Quiltology on the iPad (I think that’s what it is called). The quilt is made out of shirts from Goodwill -the front of the quilt as well as the back. I had hoped it would make a bigger dent in my shirt collection, but sadly, it didn’t seem to have much of an effect.

    My version….


    This is a first for me. Normally, I really make the most of my two allowed changes but this time I almost followed the pattern. The pattern had an additional row of blocks on the border edge that I omitted. If you squint you can see the color diamonds created in the center of the quilt.

    How are your projects coming along?

  • Book Challenge #3

    For Book Challenge #3 Jane choose the pattern ‘Circuit Board’ from Amy Ellis’s book ‘Modern Neutrals.

    Jane’s ….

    “Gemstones” is 52” x 76”.

    This was a fun quilt to assemble – even the high contrast snowball blocks. Even though over 50 fabrics were used, only four were purchased – the rest were from stash or leftovers from other projects. The background fabric was purchased and three were the light jade fabrics. Made a tiny ‘ding’ in my fabric collection.


    Carla’s ….

    Table runner was named “Challenge Squared” because it met the requirements for two different quilt challenges – one involving using a certain pattern and the other requiring the use of certain fabrics. Quilting done on my long arm and domestic machine.

    Challenge Squared

    Mine ….

    It might take you a minute to find the blocks from the original quilt. I changed the direction of every other zigzag row and colors of the square in the square block were positioned differently.


    The garden is winding down. The last day lily blooms just finished but….look at one of the awesome Endless Summer hydrangea blooms.

    Endless Summer Hydrangea

    Have a great week !

  • Book Challenge # 2

    We had the unveiling of the Book Challenge #2 a couple of weeks ago and I am finally pulling together the photos to share with you. It was my turn to choose the book and I decided that we would use a pattern from Alex Anderson’s ‘Simply Stars’ called ’54-40 or Fight’. Alex used 6″ finished blocks in red and blues and alot of plaids.

    Jane did her version using lots of black and white prints and a variety of Moda marble fabrics in both bright colors and shades of grey. Isn’t it gorgeous !

    Jane’s version

    My version is done entirely with solids. As you can tell…. she is a better photographer.

    Micki’s version

    We never shared our design or color choices during the challenge so it is really interesting how our quilts look so similar. We both decided to change the pattern and make a rectangular quilt using bright colors and grey in the border. I added sashing and Jane switched up the outer border although the big difference is the color placement. Read a little more about our book challenges here.

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  • Book Challenge #1

    Anyone who knows me knows that I normally design my own quilts. Oh… I might be inspired by a quilt that I have seen on-line, in a blog, book, magazine etc but then I am plagued with the ‘what if’s’. What if…I move the blocks around, what if I put it on point, change this or change that, made bigger, made smaller..etc..etc. How can I change the design to make it my own. My girlfriend and quilting buddy challenged me to make a quilt like a pattern in a book.

    Red Letter day quilt

    Jane chose a simple pattern called ‘Red Letter Quilt’ from Sue Pfau’s book ‘Quilts from Sweet Jane’. The rules allowed me to change the fabrics/colors and two other things (size of blocks, border, sashing etc). This was quite the challenge but the resulting quilt still had to look like the original.

    Once I chose the focus fabric for the center I knew that the center and the surrounding strip sets needed to be bigger. My second change was the border. ‘Melrose’ ended up at 69×87. I took at least twenty photos trying to capture the warm tan color of the background. This is the best one. Don’t you just love my plywood backdrop.


    How are your projects coming along?

    Check out my ‘Linky Parties’ page to find some fabulous blogs where I share my projects and get inspiration.