• 2017 Micki Leader Ender

    I really like Bonnie Hunter’s Carolina Chain quilt pattern in her ‘Addicted to Scraps’ book and decided to use it for my leader ender project this year.

    I used some of my recycled shirts and a couple of solids from my stash to make this 60×76 quilt top. I started laying the blocks out on my design wall and wasn’t happy with the look. Instead of having them set on point I went with a nine patch block layout. I think that the sashing really sets the blocks off nicely.

    2017 Micki Leader Ender

    The little red rotated square cornerstones finish at 2″. Yikes – what was I thinking.

    How are your projects coming along?

  • Scrappy Summer 2017 - Curves

    Here is Scrappy Summer 2017 #2 – Curves (41×55). I have always wanted to try my hand at making the drunkards path block and I thought this would be a great opportunity.


    I had an idea for the layout of this small quilt when I started making the blocks but then I started thinking ‘what if?’. That changed the design and unfortunately if I wanted to offset the blocks I needed to add a small rectangle to one end of the block. Sometimes the batik fabric hides the seam and sometimes it doesn’t. Did you notice the black/white checkered fabric in the center of the big block? My girl friend Carla suggested adding something unexpected and it really turned out great.

    I have been working on Scrappy Summer #3 and all that is left to be done is to add the border. Come back and see what I did with the flying geese blocks.

    How are your projects coming along?

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  • Book Challenge #3

    For Book Challenge #3 Jane choose the pattern ‘Circuit Board’ from Amy Ellis’s book ‘Modern Neutrals.

    Jane’s ….

    “Gemstones” is 52” x 76”.

    This was a fun quilt to assemble – even the high contrast snowball blocks. Even though over 50 fabrics were used, only four were purchased – the rest were from stash or leftovers from other projects. The background fabric was purchased and three were the light jade fabrics. Made a tiny ‘ding’ in my fabric collection.


    Carla’s ….

    Table runner was named “Challenge Squared” because it met the requirements for two different quilt challenges – one involving using a certain pattern and the other requiring the use of certain fabrics. Quilting done on my long arm and domestic machine.

    Challenge Squared

    Mine ….

    It might take you a minute to find the blocks from the original quilt. I changed the direction of every other zigzag row and colors of the square in the square block were positioned differently.


    The garden is winding down. The last day lily blooms just finished but….look at one of the awesome Endless Summer hydrangea blooms.

    Endless Summer Hydrangea

    Have a great week !

  • Scrappy Summer 2017 - Diamonds

    Here is the first Scrappy Summer 2017 quilt top.

    ‘Diamonds’ was made using a LARGE variety of batiks. It finishes at 47″ x 65″. I am proud to say that ALL of the fabrics came from my stash.   Yahoo !  There are a few duplicates but for the most part the fabrics were only used once. Yes, the cutting table is still packed so the oversized setting triangles edges haven’t been trimmed down yet.


    I cut the fat quarters into strips and then cross cut them into large triangles using my 60 degree ruler. They were then matched up into pairs and placed on my design wall to figure out placement. The triangles were sewn together into rows – easy peasy. Oh, by the way, I am working on my second scrappy summer quilt which is based on curves. Come back and see how it turns out.

    Although most of the day lilies have finished blooming I did catch a cool photo of a ruffled peach one.


    Here is my back yard showing how the birds and the breeze have scattered coneflower seeds all around the garden.

    back yard

    Have a great day!

  • Quarter Log Cabin

    Bright colors and black and white fabrics make for a fun quilt. I have been wanting to make a quarter log cabin block for ages but couldn’t decide on design. Do I go with the traditional light on one side and dark on the other? Do I have multiple size logs? Do I have the same number of logs on each side?   OMG… so many decisions. Long story short I decided on the bright colors and then I thought about how to position them in the block. I was going to add some white fabrics but then changed my mind when I found a few leftover black and white four patches.   Hmmmm…what if ….it might work. Well, I will let you decide. Did the combo of the four patches and the quarter log cabin work?

    Quarter Log Cabin

    Quilt top is done but I won’t be able to trim down my setting triangles until I clean off my cutting table. Here is a crooked closeup photo.


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  • Three charity quilts

    I know…not the prettiest but it will keep someone warm. I am thinking this ‘quilt as you go’ was done in late 90’s. All I had to do was add the binding. I must have loved this color combination because I still have some of it. I have cut up the leftover fabrics into fat quarters for our quilt guild to use for door prizes and have given the quilt to charity.


    There is a group of folks that graciously take quilt tops and finish them for a variety of local charities. They are the ones that received the baby flannel quilts I posted about earlier this year. It has been in storage for ages and I decided that instead of languishing in a box it should be given away. Bonus… I had enough of the paisley fabric to use for the backing.

    Paisley 54 x 67

    This is one of my ‘Using the old stash’ quilts. I had a bunch of old calico type fabrics that I was no longer in love with but they were still too good to just toss. Decided it would be perfect for testing out Bonnie Hunter’s ‘Rectangle Wrangle’ pattern. I did change the size of the finish rectangles from 1″x2″ to 1-1/2″ x 3″ so that I could press the seams open. Quilt finished at 54″ x 72″ and was given to charity.

    Rectangle Wrangle

    It was a learning experience – love the pattern but next time I probably won’t put two dark fabrics together. And because you really wanted to see a close up of the fabrics here is a photo…aren’t they lovely (not really).


    How are your projects coming along?

    For those who love flowers here is a photo of some beautiful Asiatic lilies (at least that is what I think there are).

    Asiatic Lily

    Have a great day !

  • Scrappy Summer 2017 kickoff

    Memorial Day is the kickoff for the summer here in Minnesota and also for my personal ‘Scrappy Summer’ challenge.

    Summer is my time to hang out in the garden but I still want to have some smaller quilt projects to play with in the evenings. For the past few years I have gathered a collection of fabrics that I use to make a few small quilts. By having the fabrics all ready chosen I can spend more time on just designing and sewing.

    In 2014 , I used tone on tone fabrics (I have lots of them); in 2015 it was a collection of Kaffe fabrics and 2016 I used my Kansas Troubles stash. Check out my ‘Quilts’ page to see what I came up with.

    Not to keep you on pins and needles (pun intended) but this year I have decided on using my batiks. I have a nice stash but I haven’t been using them lately and this gives me a great opportunity. My first Scrappy Summer 2017 quilt will be using triangles. There are 44 fat quarters so far but I am thinking I will be adding a few more along the way for variety. I have matched them into pairs and starting cutting the first triangles.


    Of course, I have to share a few flower photos from my garden. I love how I captured the dandelion in the background of the peach/pink irises.


    I have pale lavender, purple and yellow irises but these are the my favorites. They are the most gorgeous deep rich dark purple. Too bad they don’t last longer.

    Purple Iris

    This pink peony is the first to bloom. One day they were tight little buds and the next day beautiful blooms.

    pink peony

    How is your garden doing?