• Chrysanthenum

    No, not the flower but the name of my finished quilt top.

    The quilt was going to be around lap size but somehow it magically grew to 64″ x 88″. The original plan was to have a 4×5 block grid but it seemed a bit short so I added another row. The other culprit for the quilt getting bigger is the borders. They added another 8″ to each side.


    Take a look and see if you can figure out if the block center is the large grey solid squares or is the grey the background for the split (two fabrics) ‘Plus’ blocks.


    This awesome orange daylily is one of the last ones to bloom this summer.

    awesome daylily

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  • Scrappy Summer 2018 – Lilac Strips

    This summer’s challenge is to ‘FINISH IT’. I am wanting to finish some of my old designs/ideas that have been sitting in the time out box for way too long. The first one was ‘Lilac Strips’ using a Michael Miller focus print along with green, maroon, purple and black and white fabrics.

    Here are the original blocks I made back in 2011.

    Original blocks

    The layout is somewhat similar to my original idea but I made some changes to have the design take a more modern spin. I decided that I wanted the block size smaller and the columns off set. I replaced a few of the blocks, made a few more and added sashing and borders.

    Here is the finished quilt top (43 x 58)

    Lilac Strips

    Just snapped this photo of some coneflowers. Can you see the bees on the flower towards the bottom? Looks like they are enjoying the flowers also.


    My webmaster worked some magic and updated my blog. Layout is about the same but it has a fresher brighter look.

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  • Using the old stash: Autumn fabrics

    In digging thru my old stash I came across a collection of autumn colored fabrics. All of them are nice fabrics but I never figured out how to use them. How about…we put them together and make some charity quilts. ‘Coins’ and ‘Disappearing Four Patches’ quilt tops were finished in 2017 and ‘Vintage’ in 2016. I just noticed that I never posted about them so it is definitely time to do little show and share.

    Autumn #1 – Coins (55 x 67) The photo is terrible – the colors are washed out but after trying a dozen times I gave up.

    Autumn Coins

    I made two charity quilts for the local Veterans home. They have requested that the quilts be long and skinny so that they can be used for either a bed or wheelchair.

    Autumn #2 – Vintage (38 x 74)


    Autumn #3 – Disappearing Four Patch (44 x 76)

    Autumn DFpatch


    The garden is looking good. I have bee balm, coneflowers and day lilies that are showing off their bright colors.

    backyard garden

    Here is my current favorite daylily.

    Ruffled Day Lily

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  • Quiltville 2017 Leader Ender Challenge

    If you follow Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog you are familiar with her annual Leader Ender block challenge. July 2017, Bonnie announced that the challenge block would be the rail fence. Of course, I had to do it a bit different.

    I made the quilt using my stash of recycled mens shirts.

    Quiltville 2017 Leader Ender

    Can’t wait to see what Bonnie chooses this summer.

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  • Scrappy Summer 2018 kickoff

    It is Memorial Day here is the U.S. – when the nation takes time to honor the men and women who’ve lost their lives serving our country. We also want to thank all of the soldiers currently serving and their families for all of the sacrifices you are making while protecting our freedom.

    The Memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and the kickoff of Micki’s Scrappy Summer challenge. This is where I normally pull together a large collection of fabrics and then challenge myself to use them to make a few small quilts. Once you get the fabrics chosen it is fun to just focus on playing with designs. You can look at the ‘My Quilts’ page and see the results of Scrappy Summer 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. This year I am mixing it up. Instead of making MORE quilts I decided to finish some of my old UFO’s (unfinished objects), WIP’s (work in progress) or FIT (finish IT) quilts. ‘Finish it’ is a term that my best girlfriend and quilting buddy Jane came up with. What a novel idea … finish quilts you have already started.

    The first project will be ‘Lilac Strips’. It started as an idea in 2009 but didn’t make much progress. It came back out to play again 2011 where I made some blocks. Although I didn’t finish ‘Lilac Strips’ it did inspire me to make ‘Red Sizzle’.

    Red Sizzle

    In 2013, I brought out the project box but was still stumped on a layout. Couldn’t figure out what I wanted so it went back on the shelf. This brings up to today. I say let’s ‘FINISH IT’. It might end up a smaller quilt than I originally thought but at least it would be done. Here are the blocks (so far).

    Lilac Strips

    The weather guy just mentioned that we have beat all records for Minnesota for the highest temperature for May 28th – 100 degrees (real temp). UGH !!

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  • Book Challenge # 4

    The book I choose for Book Challenge 4 is titled ‘Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts’. After looking at all of the traditional quilts in this book I picked “Ladder to the Stars’. The quilt is a combination of Ohio star and Jacob ladder blocks and was originally done very scrappy.

    The book was published in 1995 which explains why I wasn’t able to find a photo on-line for either the book or the pattern. I did the next best thing…took a photo. Okay, I agree, I am not a photographer but it gives you an idea of the quilt challenge.

    Here is Jane’s version….


    “Sunrise” finishes at 35” x 49”. My process for designing my quilts begins with Corel graphic software. I draw the quilt as it is in the book – no graph paper or colored pencils for me. Since I wanted a smaller quilt, the number of blocks and block size changed from 9” to 6”, then the 1” sashing was added. Eventually, the pieced border was eliminated. The more I played, the smaller it became – it definitely needed a border. Was it still recognizable as the quilt in the book? I say ‘yes’. Having my heart set on making this quilt using grey and yellow, I shopped my stash of yellow/grey/white/black print fabrics but ended up rejecting all due to scale. It looked like I would need to change the color scheme dependent on what I found for a border fabric. A-(stash)-hunting we will go! And there it was – a wavy striped print with yellows, greys and green – perfect! I was going to get my grey and yellow quilt after all.

    Carla’s version….


    Changes I made in the pattern include alternating the Ohio Star blocks and the Jacob’s Ladder blocks instead of putting one kind in the middle and the other in the border. I also rotated one of the parts of the Jacob’s Ladder block to get a stronger diagonal line. I had played around with the design on the app Quiltology on the iPad (I think that’s what it is called). The quilt is made out of shirts from Goodwill -the front of the quilt as well as the back. I had hoped it would make a bigger dent in my shirt collection, but sadly, it didn’t seem to have much of an effect.

    My version….


    This is a first for me. Normally, I really make the most of my two allowed changes but this time I almost followed the pattern. The pattern had an additional row of blocks on the border edge that I omitted. If you squint you can see the color diamonds created in the center of the quilt.

    How are your projects coming along?

  • Quiltville Mystery Blocks

    I have all of the blocks sewn together. I decided that even though I made MANY of Bonnie’s sashing units that I am going to change the sashing to a plain light grey instead.

    The pink you see in the photo is my design wall (insulation boards attached to my studio wall). The color is slightly off in the photo. The light background in the center of the block is really a pale grey and the colors are a bit more vibrant. It is tone down the busyness and brightness of the quilt.

    Quiltville Mystery Blocks

    Did you participate in the mystery challenge? How are your blocks coming along?