• Magazine pattern

    I fell in love with Amy Ellis’s ‘Dash’ quilt in Modern Patchwork May/June 2018 magazine the moment I saw it. I had to make it.

    Dash by Amy Ellis

    Here is my version. I decided on using prints instead of solids and I added couple of extra fabrics to have more variety. I did move some of the blocks around but I still feel it looks similar to the Amy’s. The quilt doesn’t have a name yet. I was thinking that it had a hint of Halloween colors but not sure. Any suggestions?


    It is almost the end of fall in Minnesota. I thought I better take a picture of my burning bush shrub before all of the leaves drop. The good news is that I have quite a bit of perennial plants in my garden and the bad news is that I have lot of perennial plants that need to be cut down for the winter. Lots of work but I am almost done. There are still leaves on one tree so I will need to rake and cleanup the yard again.


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  • Chrysanthenum

    No, not the flower but the name of my finished quilt top.

    The quilt was going to be around lap size but somehow it magically grew to 64″ x 88″. The original plan was to have a 4×5 block grid but it seemed a bit short so I added another row. The other culprit for the quilt getting bigger is the borders. They added another 8″ to each side.


    Take a look and see if you can figure out if the block center is the large grey solid squares or is the grey the background for the split (two fabrics) ‘Plus’ blocks.


    This awesome orange daylily is one of the last ones to bloom this summer.

    awesome daylily

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  • Scrappy Summer 2018 – Lilac Strips

    This summer’s challenge is to ‘FINISH IT’. I am wanting to finish some of my old designs/ideas that have been sitting in the time out box for way too long. The first one was ‘Lilac Strips’ using a Michael Miller focus print along with green, maroon, purple and black and white fabrics.

    Here are the original blocks I made back in 2011.

    Original blocks

    The layout is somewhat similar to my original idea but I made some changes to have the design take a more modern spin. I decided that I wanted the block size smaller and the columns off set. I replaced a few of the blocks, made a few more and added sashing and borders.

    Here is the finished quilt top (43 x 58)

    Lilac Strips

    Just snapped this photo of some coneflowers. Can you see the bees on the flower towards the bottom? Looks like they are enjoying the flowers also.


    My webmaster worked some magic and updated my blog. Layout is about the same but it has a fresher brighter look.

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  • Using the old stash: Autumn fabrics

    In digging thru my old stash I came across a collection of autumn colored fabrics. All of them are nice fabrics but I never figured out how to use them. How about…we put them together and make some charity quilts. ‘Coins’ and ‘Disappearing Four Patches’ quilt tops were finished in 2017 and ‘Vintage’ in 2016. I just noticed that I never posted about them so it is definitely time to do little show and share.

    Autumn #1 – Coins (55 x 67) The photo is terrible – the colors are washed out but after trying a dozen times I gave up.

    Autumn Coins

    I made two charity quilts for the local Veterans home. They have requested that the quilts be long and skinny so that they can be used for either a bed or wheelchair.

    Autumn #2 – Vintage (38 x 74)


    Autumn #3 – Disappearing Four Patch (44 x 76)

    Autumn DFpatch


    The garden is looking good. I have bee balm, coneflowers and day lilies that are showing off their bright colors.

    backyard garden

    Here is my current favorite daylily.

    Ruffled Day Lily

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  • Scrappy Summer 2017 - Diamonds

    Here is the first Scrappy Summer 2017 quilt top.

    ‘Diamonds’ was made using a LARGE variety of batiks. It finishes at 47″ x 65″. I am proud to say that ALL of the fabrics came from my stash.   Yahoo !  There are a few duplicates but for the most part the fabrics were only used once. Yes, the cutting table is still packed so the oversized setting triangles edges haven’t been trimmed down yet.


    I cut the fat quarters into strips and then cross cut them into large triangles using my 60 degree ruler. They were then matched up into pairs and placed on my design wall to figure out placement. The triangles were sewn together into rows – easy peasy. Oh, by the way, I am working on my second scrappy summer quilt which is based on curves. Come back and see how it turns out.

    Although most of the day lilies have finished blooming I did catch a cool photo of a ruffled peach one.


    Here is my back yard showing how the birds and the breeze have scattered coneflower seeds all around the garden.

    back yard

    Have a great day!

  • Three charity quilts

    I know…not the prettiest but it will keep someone warm. I am thinking this ‘quilt as you go’ was done in late 90’s. All I had to do was add the binding. I must have loved this color combination because I still have some of it. I have cut up the leftover fabrics into fat quarters for our quilt guild to use for door prizes and have given the quilt to charity.


    There is a group of folks that graciously take quilt tops and finish them for a variety of local charities. They are the ones that received the baby flannel quilts I posted about earlier this year. It has been in storage for ages and I decided that instead of languishing in a box it should be given away. Bonus… I had enough of the paisley fabric to use for the backing.

    Paisley 54 x 67

    This is one of my ‘Using the old stash’ quilts. I had a bunch of old calico type fabrics that I was no longer in love with but they were still too good to just toss. Decided it would be perfect for testing out Bonnie Hunter’s ‘Rectangle Wrangle’ pattern. I did change the size of the finish rectangles from 1″x2″ to 1-1/2″ x 3″ so that I could press the seams open. Quilt finished at 54″ x 72″ and was given to charity.

    Rectangle Wrangle

    It was a learning experience – love the pattern but next time I probably won’t put two dark fabrics together. And because you really wanted to see a close up of the fabrics here is a photo…aren’t they lovely (not really).


    How are your projects coming along?

    For those who love flowers here is a photo of some beautiful Asiatic lilies (at least that is what I think there are).

    Asiatic Lily

    Have a great day !

  • Scrappy Summer 2017 kickoff

    Memorial Day is the kickoff for the summer here in Minnesota and also for my personal ‘Scrappy Summer’ challenge.

    Summer is my time to hang out in the garden but I still want to have some smaller quilt projects to play with in the evenings. For the past few years I have gathered a collection of fabrics that I use to make a few small quilts. By having the fabrics all ready chosen I can spend more time on just designing and sewing.

    In 2014 , I used tone on tone fabrics (I have lots of them); in 2015 it was a collection of Kaffe fabrics and 2016 I used my Kansas Troubles stash. Check out my ‘Quilts’ page to see what I came up with.

    Not to keep you on pins and needles (pun intended) but this year I have decided on using my batiks. I have a nice stash but I haven’t been using them lately and this gives me a great opportunity. My first Scrappy Summer 2017 quilt will be using triangles. There are 44 fat quarters so far but I am thinking I will be adding a few more along the way for variety. I have matched them into pairs and starting cutting the first triangles.


    Of course, I have to share a few flower photos from my garden. I love how I captured the dandelion in the background of the peach/pink irises.


    I have pale lavender, purple and yellow irises but these are the my favorites. They are the most gorgeous deep rich dark purple. Too bad they don’t last longer.

    Purple Iris

    This pink peony is the first to bloom. One day they were tight little buds and the next day beautiful blooms.

    pink peony

    How is your garden doing?