Quiltville 2016 Leader Ender Challenge

April 4, 2017 in QUILTING

If you follow Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltsville blog you are familiar with her annual Leader Ender block challenge.

Here is my version of 2014’s Lozenge block challenge.


and 2015’s Tumbler block challenge….

Paint Chip Challenge

For 2016 Bonnie chose the Hourglass block. Here is my quilt ‘Weather Vane’.

Weather Vane 55×55

Can’t wait to see what Bonnie chooses this summer.

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March 1, 2017 in QUILTING

If you follow Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltsville’s blog you know the term ‘squirrel’. It is when you are working on a quilt or project and you get a new idea, inspired by new fabric, find a new pattern and it looks more fun, more exciting…. So, you start another project.

I am famous for getting the quilt top center done but then stall out on adding the borders. Maybe I don’t know what I want to do for the borders OR I am bored with it OR I am more interested in the NEXT new, fun, exciting project. SQUIRREL !!

Here is another one of my ‘Scrappy Summer 2016′ quilt tops “Coins’. The center has been done since last October. I had decided that the border would just be strips of the background fabric – nothing hard or complicated but I haven’t gotten them sewn on until now. Really….squirrel….

Coins 53×64


This isn’t the only quilt top that needs a border. I have a few more WIP’s hiding out. I hesitate to set a goal but I have the best of intentions to drag them out and add their borders. Wish me luck that I don’t get distracted (again).

How are your projects coming along?

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Book Challenge # 2

February 13, 2017 in QUILTING

We had the unveiling of the Book Challenge #2 a couple of weeks ago and I am finally pulling together the photos to share with you. It was my turn to choose the book and I decided that we would use a pattern from Alex Anderson’s ‘Simply Stars’ called ’54-40 or Fight’. Alex used 6″ finished blocks in red and blues and alot of plaids.

Jane did her version using lots of black and white prints and a variety of Moda marble fabrics in both bright colors and shades of grey. Isn’t it gorgeous !

Jane’s version

My version is done entirely with solids. As you can tell…. she is a better photographer.

Micki’s version

We never shared our design or color choices during the challenge so it is really interesting how our quilts look so similar. We both decided to change the pattern and make a rectangular quilt using bright colors and grey in the border. I added sashing and Jane switched up the outer border although the big difference is the color placement. Read a little more about our book challenges here.

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January 30, 2017 in QUILTING

Last summer I was going thru some of my boxes of fabrics and decided it was time to use or give away the old, old stash. There was a box of old Christmas fabrics that I have been saving/hoarding/ignoring for some time. What if I use them to make a cute holiday wallhanging but set them in a more contemporary layout.

‘Northwoods’ has been made secretly over the past few months because it was a Christmas present for my brother Paul and his wife Janet. I am finally able to show it to you. They sent me this photo showing the quilt hanging in their foyer.


Check out the long arm quilting – it really enhances my simple tree quilt. The quilting was done by Patti Marrin of PM Quilt Design. Sorry, no closeups. Didn’t think about in the rush to finish the quilt but the pattern we chose included some holly leaves, berries and swirls.

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Micki’s Leader Ender 2016 Quilt

January 10, 2017 in QUILTING

Is this a 2016 or 2017 completed quilt? I guess, technically, I finished it in 2017 but the quilt center was done by October 2016. Over New Year’s, I finally found some time to add the borders.

2016 Micki’s Leader & Ender

All of the fabrics used in this quilt were recycled shirts except the dark blue outer border.

My inspiration was a photo that a reader sent to Bonnie Hunter of Quiltsville. The quilt is adorable and loved the variety of colors but since I was working with recycled shirts I stuck to the blue and white adding a splash of red and gold. I removed the sashing which made the setting triangles of the blocks become half square triangles.

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Tis the season

December 13, 2016 in QUILTING

Oh, I seem to be able to pull together fabrics for a quilt so why am I so bad when it comes to decorating my home for the holidays. The quilt now on display is ‘Winter Solstice’ hanging over my buffet has a lighted artificial garland and some holiday decorations. Makes my home look a little more festive.

Winter Solstice

The background is mostly made with 2″ finished four patches and squares. I am not sure WHY I decided that they needed to be so small. They add some texture but you almost have to have your nose against the quilt to see all of the different fabrics.

Happy Holiday !


Too many projects

December 7, 2016 in QUILTING

Do you ever experience that? Having too many projects going at the same time. Yikes.

There are many WIP’s hanging around but here are the ones I am working on:

1) Bonnie Hunters 2016 Leader Ender Hourglass block challenge. I decided that since I gathered such a nice collection of beige, brown, black fabrics for the hour glass challenge I might as well use them to make another quilt. I am using Cluck Cluck Sew star block tutorial to make some simple star blocks. I was originally thinking of a straight forward layout with sashing but then …what if ?!?… Yes, I know the dreaded ‘what if’s’ attack again. As I completed the star point units I pinned them to some fleece on my design wall. Although I am not sure about what to put in the centers I really like it the interlocking layout. Downside is that I would need to make many more blocks to get a decent size quilt.



2) My girlfriend and I are doing another book challenge. If you didn’t see the last one check out Book Challenge #1. We take turns choosing a quilt from one of our books and actually using a pattern from it. I got to choose the quilt pattern this time. The quilt required MANY MANY 54.40 blocks which ended up more of a challenge than I thought they would be. It is a secret so I can’t share any photos yet.

3) Making another ‘Using your old stash’ quilts. This time using some of those old calico type fabrics that have been hiding out in boxes for years. The block is the same as my Using your old stash #2: Flannel. It is true – if you cut up ugly fabric small enough it isn’t as bad. These squares finish at 1-1/2″.



4) Lets not forget about the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. I made a few ‘replacement’ blocks and started sewing the blocks into rows. Will I get the quilt top done before the end of December? Who knows but I will try.

5) December deadlines are coming up soon. I need to sew on the binding on a quilted wallhanging gift, add a border to both my personal 2016 leader/ender (recycled men’s shirts’) challenge and the last Scrappy Summer 2016 quilt.

Need to prioritize and really need to stop looking at new ideas.

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