• What’s up – 9.08.2019

    Hard to believe it is already September…. where did the summer go.


    Habitat #3 went together quickly. Such an easy pattern that I made a second one using oriental fabrics. I will do a separate post showing you both.

    Habitat #4 – I am doing a square block with a color insert. I need to save some fabric for backings so this is probably the last one of the series. BUT…I do have leftover strips sets that might appear in a quilt sometime.

    Quiltville 2019 Leader ender blocks – I have made a bunch more half square triangles and now need to decide on block centers.

    Apricot afghan is almost done. The next one will probably be using two shades of blue.

    This project started innocently with bonus HST from BBB Stars quilt . Decided that I would make them in broken dishes blocks and use them as the center of a medallion quilt. I was going to make a variety of blocks for the different rounds but when I decided to only make a small wall hanging it made more sense to continue using the same blocks.

    Birds and Flowers – I am making two small charity quilts using these fabrics. The stripe fabric will be the sashing but not sure about the border fabric.


    These photos were taken awhile ago.

    blackberry lily

    How are your projects coming along ?

  • Habitat #2

    Here is another quilt using the Habitat fabric collection. You can read more about it here. I have lots of this fabric collection and then I added other fabrics from my stash. My challenge is to see if I can find some fun designs and use up the fabrics. I am sewing together #3 and have an idea for #4.


    Not sure what to name this quilt (53×63). Hidden Wells (block pattern name) doesn’t feel right.

    Habitat # 2

    These are rudbeckia flowers which are also called ‘Black-Eye Susans’. Pretty little daisy like flowers that reminds me that fall is fast approaching.


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  • What’s up 8.10.2019

    Well, how is your summer coming along? Minnesota’s summer isn’t as long as we would want so you need to get outside and enjoy the warm temps as much as possible. I have spent a lot of time in the garden. Sometimes weeding and gardening and sometimes just relaxing with a good book.


    Habitat #2 – I have added a simple border and will take a photo soon. I will share the finished quilt top in a later post.

    Habitat #3 – a simple but oversized ‘plus’ blocks using the same Habitat fabric collection (I am on a mission to use up this old stash) with a taupe solid background.

    Bonnie Hunter’s 2019 Leader Ender challenge – here are some of my half square triangles. There are enough done to make 17 shoo-fly blocks. Still have lots to make since the blocks finish at 6″. Stay tune.

    Colorful afghan – I have finished this small, bright and colorful charity baby afghan. It ended up around 36″ x 48″. Nice baby size and it is soft and cuddly. Now I wish I knew someone who would tie in all of the yarn ends.

    Apricot afghan – this is my next crochet project. A simple blanket pattern using some apricot and grey yarns. My quilting buddy and best friend donated the yarn for this charity afghan. Thanks Jane !

    Here are some of the last blooms of my pink and peach daylilies.

    Day lily
    Day lily
    Day lily

    How are your projects coming along?

  • Bumble Bee

    No…not the insect silly, the quilt. I used a variety of black, white, grey and yellow fabrics to make this easy peasy quilt top. You can find more information on the pattern I used here.


    Bumble Bee 56×72

    The garden has been in full bloom for the past week or so. Lots and lots of daylilies, hostas and coneflowers.

    garden in bloom

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  • What’s up – 7.20.19

    I have too many projects going. Have you ever had this problem? Well, I decided I needed to work on only ONE (okay two quilts but if one is for charity does it count?) project to try to get it done instead of starting another one. Let’s not even talk about the ones that have been put on the back burner.


    Bumble Bee quilt top is all done. I decided not to add borders since it was already pretty busy. I will do a separate post to show it off.

    Habitat #2 – still using 2-1/2″ strip sets to make the block but decided to use the ‘Hidden Well’ pattern idea. I pondered many designs but wasn’t happy until I found a layout on Pinterest. This video tutorial is from Missouri Star that does a great job of showing you how the block goes together.

    Leader/Enders – I know that I said I wouldn’t start any new projects but these fabrics are for Bonnie Hunter’s 2019 Leader Ender challenge. This year we will be making the ‘shoo-fly’ block. Do you know about the challenge? If not, check out Bonnie’s post here. She explains the process and gives you great directions on the finished 4-1/2″ or 6″ block.

    There is more than one box of yarn that has been sitting around for quite a while. Since I got into quilting I haven’t done much knitting or crocheting. A girlfriend of mine prodded me into picking up the crochet hook again. It will be a small charity baby afghan.

    Lots of flowers are blooming in the garden.

    day lily

    How are your projects coming along?

  • Habitat # 1

    Habitat # 1 – ‘Cracker Jacks’ quilt top is done. Other than having to sew long diagonal rows the quilt went together quickly. I sewed together 2-1/2″ x 20″ strip into sets of three and added the alternate hourglass blocks – easy peasy. The top finishes at 54 x 71. You can check out the pattern info here and here.


    Habitat #1

    I have decided that this fabric collection will be my little summer challenge. I have LOTS of it and want to see what I can do with it. Let’s make a dent in the stash. I already have Habitat #2 made into blocks and working on designing #3.

    Of course, I have to share a photo of what is blooming in my backyard.

    Bee Balm

    How are your projects coming along?

  • What’s up – 6.26.19

    How can it already be almost the end of June. Gosh, summer is going by too fast. After a few rainy overcast dreary days we are having a couple of days that have been wonderful. All of this is going to change starting tomorrow. The weather forecast is for high humidity and 90 plus degrees. Yikes! This will give me some time to quilt since it will be way too hot to be working in the garden.


    Bumble Bee – blocks are sewn together into rows. I like the look of the quilt so I am not sure if I will add a border or not. I guess I will wait until I have the rows sewn together to decide.

    Habitat #1 – so instead of making the blocks like I mentioned here I decided to use hourglass blocks as the alternate block. Easy peasy with just two colors. Sounded good until…. I figured out that I would have to put the blocks on point. That also means that I will have to sew them together in diagonal seams. What was I thinking.

    The peonies are all done flowering and there isn’t anything blooming right now. Many of the daylilies are showing flower stalks so maybe in a week or so we will have some blooms. Here is a photo of my back yard shade garden. There are amethyste astilbles in the back with a variety of hostas in front of them.

    shade garden

    How are your projects coming along?