• Circular Log Cabin

    Every year I try to do a leader ender project using my men’s recycled shirts. This year I decided on a circular log cabin. It started as a leader ender project but I quickly figured out it wasn’t the ideal candidate. If I wanted to plan the placement of my scraps it would be better to sew one block at a time.

    Men’s recycled shirts and a delicate blue floral background fabric came together to create ‘When boy meets girl’.

    When boy meets girl

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  • 2017 Quiltville Mystery quilt is done

    I participated in Bonnie Hunter’s 2017 Quiltville Mystery ‘On Ringo Lake’. Here is Bonnie’s quilt (75″ x 90″).

    On Ringo Lake

    I decided that I wanted a smaller quilt so I made about half the number of units and then added more as needed once Bonnie did the ‘reveal’. I used solid fabrics instead of going scrappy and simplified the sashing. The border was changed and my version ended up at 71″ square. To give you some perspective – the nine patch in the center of the block finishes at 3″. Yikes…tiny.

    2017 Quiltville Mystery

    I am getting this quilted and will have it hanging at the Minnesota Quilt Show next summer.

    If you follow Bonnie, her first clue will be released in a few days for the 2018 Quiltville Mystery “Good Fortune”. Go check it out and join in the fun.

  • Magazine pattern

    I fell in love with Amy Ellis’s ‘Dash’ quilt in Modern Patchwork May/June 2018 magazine the moment I saw it. I had to make it.

    Dash by Amy Ellis

    Here is my version. I decided on using prints instead of solids and I added couple of extra fabrics to have more variety. I did move some of the blocks around but I still feel it looks similar to the Amy’s. The quilt doesn’t have a name yet. I was thinking that it had a hint of Halloween colors but not sure. Any suggestions?


    It is almost the end of fall in Minnesota. I thought I better take a picture of my burning bush shrub before all of the leaves drop. The good news is that I have quite a bit of perennial plants in my garden and the bad news is that I have lot of perennial plants that need to be cut down for the winter. Lots of work but I am almost done. There are still leaves on one tree so I will need to rake and cleanup the yard again.


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  • Scrappy Summer 2018 – Fractured

    Okay, it is no longer summer here in Minnesota BUT I am still calling this my third and final Scrappy Summer 2018 – ‘Finish It’ quilt. This design started in 2014 with scraps leftover from when I made this ‘Triangle’ quilt.

    Scrappy Summer 2014 #5 – Triangles

    When I cut the triangles from strips of fabrics I moved the ruler over slightly to allow for a larger wedge. The photo is of a different size strip and a different ruler but you get the idea.


    The small rectangle units in the block were made using the wedges with a small grey insert. I put them together with a lot of grey background and offset the blocks to give it a different look. Just a small (36 x 54) wall hanging but I really like the look of ‘Fractured’.

    Scrappy Summer 2018 – Fractured

    What have you been working on?

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  • Antique Tile

    While looking for quilt inspiration on Pinterest I found a block that I knew I HAD to use in a quilt. “Antique Tile” is a simple block made up of squares and rectangles. I spent some, okay …lots of time checking out different layouts and also hunting for just the right fabric collection.

    Antique Tile

    I wanted to play with the block but wasn’t interested in making a huge quilt with this fabric collection (not enough choices) so I decided on a small wall hanging. The block is very versatile and with simple changes in either fabric selection or color placement could really change the look.

    So, maybe, there will be another version in my future. How are your projects coming along?

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  • Scrappy Summer 2018 – Madame Butterfly

    This summer’s challenge is to ‘FINISH IT’. Instead of designing another quilt, I am working on finishing some of my old designs/ideas that have been sitting in the time out box for way too long. The second one is called ‘Madame Butterfly’. The first one I completed was Lilac Strips .

    Back when it was all the rage, I purchased some oriental fabrics. Unfortunately, they sat on the shelf forever since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. Well, back in spring of 2014 I noticed a very cute pattern using hourglass blocks. The pattern reminded me of butterflies so I went on the hunt for the perfect butterfly block. I found the ‘Hope takes Flight’ free pattern by Kona. This inspired me to make these oversized blocks.


    My original idea for the layout included floating the blocks and adding sashing. Well, I didn’t like the look so I ended up putting the blocks and fabrics back on the shelf. Fast forward to 2018 when I pulled them out to try again. I changed the design and ended up with a smaller version. Madame Butterfly finishes at 44 x 50.

    Madame Butterfly

    I have decided to use these same fabrics for Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville 2018 Leader Ender Challenge. If you haven’t heard about her challenge you can get more information here.

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  • Book Challenge #5

    It was Carla’s turn to decide on Book Challenge #5. Normally, we choose a pattern from a book but Carla mixed it up this time. She chose the book “ScrapMania’ by Sally Schneider BUT instead of a pattern or quilt she chose a block. It is a half square triangle where one side is pieced. You might know it as Mary’s Triangle or Cats Cradle.


    The results of this challenge gave us three awesome quilts that have totally different looks.

    Jane’s version…

    I chose to use the Cat’s Cradle Tool by Creative Grids for the block used for this challenge. Years ago I made the block using HSTs and this tool made it so much easier. For inspiration, I finally used the Lemon Grove fabric by Alice Kennedy (top and bottom borders) – sometimes we just have a hard time cutting beautifully designed fabric into small pieces.


    Carla’s version

    Reds and lights from the stash. I should have figured out the size BEFORE I started sewing and cutting! Putting together 1676 triangles has me disinclined to do much with half square triangles in the near future.


    My version was done in batiks and finishes at 62 x 62. It was fun to dig into my boxes of batiks to choose just the right fabrics. Once I figured out that I wanted the quilt to look like stars it was easy UNTIL it came to deciding on sashing and borders.


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