from four patches to flying geese

The story for this quilt started back in Winter of 2015 when I came across a really cute quilt at Little Island Quilting’s blog.

Little Island Quilting

Even better than the cute quilt is that she posted a TUTORIAL on how she made it.

I grabbed some fabrics from my stash and started cutting and sewing.  

hourglass blocks

Well…I am not sure if it was my fabric choices but the hourglass blocks that I made ended up being way to busy for me. Wasn’t sure what to do with them so I put them into a box on the shelf.

Fast forward a few months and I took the project box down to play with the blocks again. After pondering for awhile I decided that I would take the hourglass blocks apart and turn them into the center of a flying geese blocks.  But … what then..  What do I do for a layout? Here are a couple of ideas I was considering.


I never found a layout I liked so, of course, the blocks went back into the box.

This bring us to now…. I have added the wing portions to the geese, trimmed them down to 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ using my Bloc Loc ruler and they are now back up on the design wall. I am only showing you a sneak peak since it might change before I am done.

new idea

Yes, lots of pins and still finalizing the layout but I like where it is going.

Happy Holidays



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