Book Challenge # 4

The book I choose for Book Challenge 4 is titled ‘Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts’. After looking at all of the traditional quilts in this book I picked “Ladder to the Stars’. The quilt is a combination of Ohio star and Jacob ladder blocks and was originally done very scrappy.

The book was published in 1995 which explains why I wasn’t able to find a photo on-line for either the book or the pattern. I did the next best thing…took a photo. Okay, I agree, I am not a photographer but it gives you an idea of the quilt challenge.

Here is Jane’s version….


“Sunrise” finishes at 35” x 49”. My process for designing my quilts begins with Corel graphic software. I draw the quilt as it is in the book – no graph paper or colored pencils for me. Since I wanted a smaller quilt, the number of blocks and block size changed from 9” to 6”, then the 1” sashing was added. Eventually, the pieced border was eliminated. The more I played, the smaller it became – it definitely needed a border. Was it still recognizable as the quilt in the book? I say ‘yes’. Having my heart set on making this quilt using grey and yellow, I shopped my stash of yellow/grey/white/black print fabrics but ended up rejecting all due to scale. It looked like I would need to change the color scheme dependent on what I found for a border fabric. A-(stash)-hunting we will go! And there it was – a wavy striped print with yellows, greys and green – perfect! I was going to get my grey and yellow quilt after all.

Carla’s version….


Changes I made in the pattern include alternating the Ohio Star blocks and the Jacob’s Ladder blocks instead of putting one kind in the middle and the other in the border. I also rotated one of the parts of the Jacob’s Ladder block to get a stronger diagonal line. I had played around with the design on the app Quiltology on the iPad (I think that’s what it is called). The quilt is made out of shirts from Goodwill -the front of the quilt as well as the back. I had hoped it would make a bigger dent in my shirt collection, but sadly, it didn’t seem to have much of an effect.

My version….


This is a first for me. Normally, I really make the most of my two allowed changes but this time I almost followed the pattern. The pattern had an additional row of blocks on the border edge that I omitted. If you squint you can see the color diamonds created in the center of the quilt.

How are your projects coming along?


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