If you follow Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltsville’s blog you know the term ‘squirrel’. It is when you are working on a quilt or project and you get a new idea, inspired by new fabric, find a new pattern and it looks more fun, more exciting…. So, you start another project.

I am famous for getting the quilt top center done but then stall out on adding the borders. Maybe I don’t know what I want to do for the borders OR I am bored with it OR I am more interested in the NEXT new, fun, exciting project. SQUIRREL !!

Here is another one of my ‘Scrappy Summer 2016′ quilt tops “Coins’. The center has been done since last October. I had decided that the border would just be strips of the background fabric – nothing hard or complicated but I haven’t gotten them sewn on until now. Really….squirrel….

Coins 53×64

This isn’t the only quilt top that needs a border. I have a few more WIP’s hiding out. I hesitate to set a goal but I have the best of intentions to drag them out and add their borders. Wish me luck that I don’t get distracted (again).

How are your projects coming along?

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  • Louise Hornor

    Ha ha! Yes, I have several poor quilt tops that are lacking borders because of Squirrel! Sewing borders is kinda boring, but I do like having tops all ready to go for quilting, so I need to just get ’em done.

  • Susan

    Oh those pesky squirrels! You can go borderless, you know. Reassess what really needs a border, and finish up those that can go without. Ninety percent of the quilts I make are borderless – and the quilt police will soon be knocking on the door!

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Susan, excellent idea. I will have to go thru the quilts and decide. Hopefully, it will reduce the count. Micki

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