Using the old stash 2: Flannel

Another adventure using up some of my old stash.

I made a flannel quilt ages ago and had some leftover fabric. Flannel isn’t my thing and I probably won’t buy more so what can I do with the little I have. I gathered the fabrics, took inventory and started working on a simple design to use them. I had an thought… what if … hmmm sounds good and considering the colors are muted this would be ideal for a small charity baby quilt. I decided to do something simple using squares. What if I took the leftover fat quarters and cut 2-1/2″ strips and sewed them into strip sets. I could go with a 3×5 grid adding sashing on two sides. Nothing original, I am sure all of you have seen a version of this idea. Well, now the test….can I leave it at that. Will my ‘what if’s’ take over or can I just start cutting. As you can tell I started cutting before I could change my mind.

I did a show and tell of the blocks at my quilt group meeting last month and it was suggested that instead of making one small quilt I could make two baby quilts. Sounds like a plan and lucky me I had enough flannel to add the same border on both. I took a few photos of outside and this was the best one.


The flannel baby quilt top measures 38″ square. The border fabric is a bit more green than it looks. Adorable!

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  • Louise

    Very cute! I was just pondering my small flannel stash today, too. Like you, I’m not thrilled with flannel and just want to use up what I’ve got and be done with it. I’m inspired by your little baby quilt to go scrappy and get ‘er done. Thanks!

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Vicki, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the design idea. The strips are cut 2-1/2″ for both the center squares and the sashing. Micki

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