Book Challenge #1

Anyone who knows me knows that I normally design my own quilts. Oh… I might be inspired by a quilt that I have seen on-line, in a blog, book, magazine etc but then I am plagued with the ‘what if’s’. What if…I move the blocks around, what if I put it on point, change this or change that, made bigger, made smaller..etc..etc. How can I change the design to make it my own. My girlfriend and quilting buddy challenged me to make a quilt like a pattern in a book.

Red Letter day quilt

Jane chose a simple pattern called ‘Red Letter Quilt’ from Sue Pfau’s book ‘Quilts from Sweet Jane’. The rules allowed me to change the fabrics/colors and two other things (size of blocks, border, sashing etc). This was quite the challenge but the resulting quilt still had to look like the original.

Once I chose the focus fabric for the center I knew that the center and the surrounding strip sets needed to be bigger. My second change was the border. ‘Melrose’ ended up at 69×87. I took at least twenty photos trying to capture the warm tan color of the background. This is the best one. Don’t you just love my plywood backdrop.


How are your projects coming along?

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