Jewel Box

Here is my Scrappy Summer 2016 #1 quilt top ‘Jewel Box’ all completed.

The quilt is 50 x 63 set in a 6×8 grid of 6″ finished blocks. It uses 36 (not my style any longer) prints and half as many backgrounds. My challenge was to see what I could create using a simple block. Of course, there had to be a little twist to the layout. The jewel box blocks are surrounded by a beautiful rich burnt gold fabric. The fabric shows off the blocks and then continues into the border.

Scrappy Summer 2016 - Jewel Box
Scrappy Summer 2016 – Jewel Box

Squint.. can you see where I tried (emphasis on tried) to have the longest diagonal row with darker background in the center? I know…very subtle. Didn’t think to do this until all of the blocks were made.

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