switching quilts on display

I have many spots in my home where I hang my quilts. Truth be told, most of my quilts are made to be hung instead of being used.   DOGS….dog hair….enough said.

Here is the quilt that I made in 2012 called ‘Polka Dots’ (65×83) that has been hanging behind my living room couch for a few years.

Polka Dots
Polka Dots

I traded it today for ‘All Jazzed Up’ (64 x88) quilt that I made back in 2006. I used a printed fabric foundation to make these NY Beauty blocks. I still really love this quilt.

All Jazzed Up
All Jazzed Up

I am going to try to find photos that shows the whole quilt and then put them on my ‘Quilts’ page. Hmmmm….maybe I could share some of my older (pre-blog) quilt photos occasionally.

Check out my ‘Linky Parties’ page to find some fabulous blogs where I share my projects and get inspiration.



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