Batik Uneven Nine Patch

No…I haven’t figured out a better name but the quilt top is done (I think).

Uneven Nine Patch
Uneven Nine Patch

I used 24 batik light/dark combos set in a 6×8 grid to make this 45″ x 60″ quilt. I have a nagging feeling that maybe the quilt is asking for a border. I am still not sure but I will leave it up on the design wall for awhile to see if I can make a decision.

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How are you coming along with your projects?



  • Cathy

    WOW!!! I love your uneven 9-patch! I’ve never seen anything like it! I am a huge lover of batiks and what a great idea to use lights and darks of each color in the blocks! Marvelous!!

  • Jo

    Some other names possibly, asymmetrical 9 patch, lopsided, irregular!!! What size blocks did you start with and what size did you cut the blocks into?? Love the different colors, great idea. Jo

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Jo, glad you like the quilt. I started writing up some basic instructions for the block but then it seemed to go on forever. Might be easier with photos. I will working on getting a post put together for you. Micki

  • Karen Thurn

    Very good looking quilt. Nine patches are one of my favorite blocks and this one is also colorful and scrappy looking. On the link up it has a 3D appearance.

  • Diane

    You color selection really works well together. The photo seems like the quilt is ebbing and flowing back and forth in a 3D manner, like an optical illusion. It is almost like there is a bump moving around underneath it. Weird, I know, but I find it fascinating to look at.

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Sue, thanks for taking the time to vote on the ‘no border’ question. that makes three votes for ‘no border’. I think I agree. Micki

  • carrie wikander

    How about Square Illusion? Or Nine-Patch Punk? I think the color placement you did here is very good – it’s not easy to get a good arrangement with all those colors – this is a fun quilt. I like it.

  • Sherrill Pecere

    I was going to ask the same as Jo. Love the block but have been unable to find any online to see how they’re made. I’d LOVE to make one but I’m the type that needs directions. 🙂

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Sherrill, I am going to try to put together a quick post showing the steps. There are not completed but I think photos will make it easier to understand. Micki

  • suzanprincess

    I agree on no border, maybe even no binding! Maybe a facing instead so as not to interrupt the interesting movement you have going on?

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Zenia, I can’t really say it is my pattern – I am sure that other quilters that have done something similar. I only took the nine patch and mixed it up. I have received a couple of requests for more info on the block so I will be working on putting together a brief tutorial. Not sure how quickly it will get posted by stop by if you are interested. Micki

  • Cathy

    I love batiks and this is one of the best quilts I’ve seen! So fun and wonky!! I would really, really like this pattern or a short explanation of how you did it!!! Can you tell I like it?!?! Good job and yep, I think I would have to border it!!!:)

  • Wendy

    Great looking quilt. LOVE the optical illusion. I’m in a ‘needs a border to frame it’ state of mind. You could just go with a simple one.
    I’m waiting for your tutorial with baited breath!

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Wendy, thanks for stopping by. I decided that I needed to mock up some blocks in order to be able to take some photos for the block tutorial. Hope to have a post ready soon. Micki

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