Design Wall Wednesday 6.17.2015

Since the last Design Wall Wednesday post, I have finished my ‘Americana’ quilt top and started another project.

Solids I have worked with these squares for awhile and came up with several layouts but none of them made me happy. SO – the blocks will go into a box until I find some inspiration.

Tic Tac Toe I am crossing my fingers that I get a chance to sew the borders on this weekend.

Scrappy Summer 2015 fabrics The photo shows some of the fabrics for my Scrappy Summer 2015. I loved what I did last year…okay maybe love isn’t the correct word for all of the cutting, starching and pressing I did on the 66 fat quarters I used. My idea was to work with one fabric collection and make several smaller quilts. Check out ‘My Quilts’ page to find the five quilts I made and here is a link to the first post.

When I started pondering doing a ‘Scrappy Summer 2015’ I looked thru my stash trying to decide what group of fabrics I wanted to use. I came across my Kaffee Fassett and Kaffee-like fabric collections. You would categorize them into two groups – stripes/plaids and big florals. The plaids and stripes really didn’t play well with the florals so those went back on the shelf. I was surprised how many fabrics I had since I am normally not a big print fan. I find them hard to work with because you aren’t quite sure what you get when you cut up them up. For my first design idea, I made myself a couple of rules. 1) no fussy cutting the squares and 2) just let go and not worry about the big prints (easier said then done).

Check out my ‘Linky Parties’ page to find some fabulous blogs where I share my projects and get inspiration.



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