Design Wall Wednesday 5.13.2015

Not much of progress in the studio this week on the WIP’s BUT I did start a couple more. I know, I should finish one before starting another one but when you are stuck and unsure what to do it is better to work on something else.

Bright Colors The blocks are sewn together into rows but I haven’t figured out what to do for borders. Do I add smaller four patch blocks on point using the colors? Do I do an insert strip piece? Decisions..decisions.

Americana The quilt center is done and looks great – very patriotic but I still need to figure out size of inner border. The pieced outer borders (triangles) are done so now I need to decide on the size of the inner border so that all of the pieces fit together.

Teal & Brown Teal and Brown Since I can’t figure out borders for the other quilts I decided to pull together some fabrics. Aren’t they great? Love the colors. I have made a bunch of block in a block units and trying to figure out layout.

Leaders & Enders 2015 Here is a sample of the recycled shirts I will be using for my 2015 Leaders & Enders quilt. Actually, I have 35 shirts (so far) ranging from light to dark in blue, green and brown. If you haven’t heard about ‘Leaders and Enders’ check out my previous post.

Check out my ‘Linky Parties’ page to find some fabulous blogs where I share my projects and get inspiration.



  • Lea

    There is something about recycled shirt quilts that captures my heart. I’ve made many quilts through the years and my tastes have changed over time. For the past 10 years or so I tend to favor fabrics that I describe as “cheerful”. But no matter what recycled shirt quilts have always remained a favorite of mine. I’m looking forward to seeing how this quilt as it progresses.

  • LeeAnna Paylor

    this is a hard stage for me… I have several sets of blocks waiting for setting solutions, several centers waiting for borders, several tops waiting for quilting. Lots of waiting going on around here! Hello to the pups too!!

  • Lori

    You have so many projects underway, all beautiful. I am in a similar ‘stuck’ situation with the quilt I have been working on. Good luck getting it worked out.

  • Deb Scheerz

    I know the feeling of being stuck in the middle of a project and need to set it aside for a while and wait for inspiration. I have a project like that right now, I may just bring it to our next meeting for some inspiration/advice.

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