Spring Blossoms

My crabapple tree flower blossoms have come and gone but my neighbor’s lilac shrubs/small trees are still blooming. They smell wonderful. Truely a sign that spring is here to stay. It is a good thing I took some photos since most of the crabapple tree petals are on the ground after a couple days of rain.

Pink Blossoms
Pink Blossoms
White Blossoms
White Blossoms

I have a new quilt idea using recycled men’s shirt. So far I have 35 shirts that I am working on to get starched and ready to be cut up. Actually, not the entire shirt just one sleeve. The sleeve will give me some long strips that I can cross cut into squares and rectangles.

When doing chain sewing do you have a piece of fabric at the beginning and after the last piece to catch all of the stray threads? If so, you are already understand what a great idea it is…but what if instead of scrap fabrics you are actually sewing pieces together for a quilt. Well, Bonnie Hunter has written about it in a couple of her books. She calls the method/concept ‘Leaders & Enders’. Yes, you do have to plan and prepare ahead of time but think about it. While sewing one quilt you are getting a head start on another project. If I have totally confused you check out Leaders & Enders. Be sure to go to her home page where she posts lots of photos from her lectures and classes. She is currently on a trip with some quilters in Italy. How fun to see photos and to read about their adventures. Won’t it be fun to be on the trip with them? Her free pattern page is full of great scrap quilts. Bonnie’s blog is a bit busy (lots of ads) – but if you are a scrap quilter – it is worth checking her out.



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