Design Wall Wednesday - 4.08.2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 in QUILTING by 2 Dogs Studio

Here is what is currently on my design wall:

Espresso Espresso – all of the blocks are sewn into diagonal rows. Let me tell you that sewing on the diagonal makes for some long seams. Next step will be to start sewing them into pairs. I am so excited about this quilt – it is turning out great!

Red, white and blue Red, White and Blue – after looking at probably 2,000 ideas I finally decided on one. Okay, maybe not 2,000 maybe only 20 but still… you know how it is. After working on my initial idea I decided it just wasn’t right so I kept trying. I took the strip sets I had made and cut them diagonally both directions and made some of them into half square triangles.

Black & White Tic Tac Toe Here are some of the fabrics I will be using for my next project. It needs a pair of companion black and white fabric and lots of bright colors. In the photo I am auditioning three different fabrics combos to see which one works the best. I guess you can tell which set I decided on.

I was out in the garden this weekend and noticed that I have some columbine, irises and day lilies starting to grow. They are a bit early for Minnesota spring. Hopefully, we won’t have too many more really cold days. We have been known to have snow in May.

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