Design Wall Wednesday – 2.11.2015

Three more seams to sew and I will have finished my ‘Circular Saw’ quilt top. I came up with a few ideas for a border but none of them seem to be right. I decided to seek the advice of a couple of my quilting friends. They suggested that I leave the border off and do a scrappy binding. Hopefully, I will get a chance to finish the quilt this weekend. That will free up the design wall for my ‘Ribbon Candy’ quilt blocks.

Circular Saw
Circular Saw

Boy, doesn’t this quilt look huge! Well, at least until I start sewing the blocks together. Sashings are done and I think that I have finally decided that the posts and corners will be grey (no inserts). In two of the posts and one border section I have pinned a few grey scraps to see what it would look like. The quilt is turning out better than I had anticipated. Can we say AWESOME!   Yeah!

Gum Drops
Gum Drops

What are you working on this week?

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