Ribbon or Hard Candy ?

Last week you saw a sample of the blocks I was making for this quilt. I now have 48 of them completed and randomly placed on my design wall. Part of the fun (or frustration) of making quilts is trying to find a name for them. Sometimes it is easy peasy and sometimes you need help. When my brother first saw the block design he thought of the holiday ‘hard candy’ sweet treats. But I think that ‘ribbon candy’ might also work as the quilt’s name.

Which name do you like best?

Hard Candy
Hard Candy
Ribbon Candy
Ribbon Candy
New Quilt

Even though I would like the quilt to be a bit bigger than 43″x56″ (without borders), I decided that I would stick to a grid of of 7×9 blocks. I am partial to the symmetry that is created when the blocks on each end of the row match in the direction they are placed. Confused? When you look at the photo above the top left block the insert strip is going vertically and the top right block is going horizontal. You need an odd number of blocks in order to have them match.

Have a great week!


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