Circular Saw

No…this post has nothing to do with power tools. It is the name of my version of the ‘delectable mountains’ quilt. I am so excited about it that I couldn’t wait to show you my idea.

Amy Smart's Buzz Saw Quilt
Amy Smart’s Buzz Saw Quilt

Last week, I showed you the fabrics I had chosen and since then I have been busy working on the blocks. I was inspired by the photo of Amy Smart’s ‘Buzz Saw’ quilt posted in her blog Diary of a Quilter and Eleanor Burns method of making the blocks. Here is a link to Eleanor’s short video showing you the steps.

When I started cross cutting the blocks, I realized that I needed a new rotary blade. OMG. What a difference. Like slicing butter. I knew that I needed to change the blade but it isn’t until you do that you realize that you should have done it sooner. So far the 2″ strips are sewn into pairs. Because I can’t leave a great layout alone – I decided to mix up the strips within the blocks.

Circular Saw
Circular Saw

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