Scrappy Summer #4 delayed

I had hoped that I would have shown you Scrappy Summer #4 last week but my sewing machine is still in the shop. They had to order a part that ended up on back order. Rumor is the part should be here this week. I have been sewing a new small project on my girl friends’ sewing machine but feel uncomfortable using it for a current one. I just can’t seem to get the same seam allowance. It is the old adage – use the same ruler/sewing machine for the whole quilt.

While doing my dishes the other day I happened to look out my window at the garden and spied what looked like a little bird perched on my cone flower plants. Just a little hint of yellow. By the time I got my camera he had moved to the river birch. I didn’t want to startle the bird so the photo is from the inside of the porch. Not the best photo but hopefully you will be able to see the little yellow finch.


Scrappy Summer #5 in on the design wall. When you are working on the block layout how many times do you move the pieces around? I have probably moved each block at least six times. I want the colors to flow, not to be too close to each and keep your eye moving etc etc. When do you stop the craziness and just start sewing the pieces together?

Have a great week!


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