Do I need a border ?

Scrappy Summer #2 – Greek Cross  

My Greek cross blocks are all sewn together into rows. Now, do I need borders? The blocks finish 9″ so right now the quilt top would finish 36″ x 45″. Since I am only making a wall hanging the size is fine. Will adding borders add to the overall look or not? What do you think?

Greek Cross
Scrappy Summer #2 – Greek Cross

Here are a couple of photos of my garden. The little pink ones are called Bee Balm and the other is a type of lily. I am not sure what species the previous owners planted but I am thinking they are either Asiatic or Tiger lily.

Bee Balm


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  • Katy S

    Love your Greek Cross quilt! I think it would look great with or without a border. Depends on where you want to hang it. Will it blend with the wall color? If so, add a contrasting border to frame it, maybe the binding will be enough. If there is already good contrast with the wall color, leave the borders off!

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Katy, thanks for asking about the wall color. The place I might hang it would either be purple or maroon so a light binding would be fabulous. Micki

  • Naomi

    The only reason I would suggest a border would be to even out the spacing so the outside edges and the space between the blocks is more even. Although it’s up to you!

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Naomi, good idea although I am not sure JUST adding a 1-1/2″ finished background makes sense. But it could be part of a bigger border..hmmm. Now I have to think some more.

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Julie, I usually put borders on but I had seen quite a few ‘Greek Cross’ and ‘Plus’ quilts on the internet without them. I must admit they looked good. Still haven’t decided. Thanks for visiting. Micki

  • Beth

    I like it with out but if I think it would be fine with one. I have both of those flowers in my garden as well and I think those are Asiatic Lilies. I have several colors too. So pretty!

    • 2 Dogs Studio

      Karen, Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. The spot I am thinking of hanging the quilt is kinda small so it would probably be better to go without borders. Micki

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