Change of plans

Using my Scrappy Summer fabrics, I made strip sets to use for a 5×5 grid version of ‘Trip Around The World’ block (left side of photo). I knew the block would be dark…but this is really too dark. The colors all blur together. Time to change my plans. On the right side of the photo is the strip sets layout inspired by Red Pepper Quilts’ Checkerboard Quilt. Much better.

Sample blocks
Sample blocks

Now do I just leave the strip sets in the original layout OR do I take them and mix and match up them into a block? Do I want the small quilt to be slightly planned vs scrappy? I was even thinking of planning out the color placement to form large diamond shapes. Not sure it is worth the extra work since the results would be so subtle. What do you think about naming the quilt either ‘Hopscotch’ or ‘Trip around the Checkerboard’. Which one do you like best? Any other suggestions?


Between storm damage and power outages – my life was a bit hectic last week. Luckily, these flowers survived our record setting rainfall for June in Minnesota.

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  • Terri

    I see what you mean about your first block, not enough contrast. I do like the second one. I probably wouldn’t rip and re-start but that’s just me. I like the name Trip around the Checkerboard. Your flowers are lovely…I always wondered what peonies looked like. Gorgeous.

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