South Beach Quilt top is done !

Friday, May 30, 2014 in QUILTING by 2 Dogs Studio

I know…you are wondering why you didn’t think of using a plywood wall as a photo backdrop. Fabulous isn’t it. Well – the three season porch wall doesn’t look professional but I really don’t have many walls in my house that is large enough to hang this quilt. I like the look with the chair in front of it and the blanket adds a splash of color. On the plus side, if I actually get any of my quilt tops quilted the curtain rod would be able to handle the weight better than my design wall.

South Beach

South Beach

This quilt started out as an experiment to try a different technique that I am calling ‘free style cutting’. It was going to be around 24″ x 32″ then it grew, and grew, and grew until it was 68″ x 84″. It looks gorgeous hanging in my bedroom. Turned out fabulous…wonder how it would look with a different fabric collection.

On the last couple of posts I have placed a larger photo in the center of the page. What do you think?

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