Finally summer !

Okay, you would think that the warmer weather would be an indicator of summer – nope.   Could the signs of summer be that the crab apple tress are flowering and the garden is flourishing – nope.   Is it summer because it is Memorial Day weekend – nope.   At my home, it is summer when it is consistently warm enough to hang out in the three season porch. This week I moved the small flat screen TV to the porch – it is now officially SUMMER!.   Now with that said, don’t think that all I do is sit around an watch TV. It is only a diversion for when I am done working in the garden. The porch offers a place to sit down with a nice glass of cool ice tea and relax and look at the garden through all of the windows. Perhaps read a book, design a quilt or simply enjoy the summer day.

Flowering Crab Apple tree

Most of the year, quilting is my thing to do. But when the weather is warmer I spend a lot of time in the garden. I decided this might be a perfect time to experiment/play with a quilt(s) idea rummaging in my head. Over time I have noticed that the fabrics I am using has changed. Most of the quilts I have done lately have had more prints and less tone on tone fabrics. I need to go through my messy stash of fabrics for three reasons. 1) sort and reorganize the fabrics on my shelves, 2) revisit and remember what I have and 3) cut a section of fabric from some of them to use in my ‘Scrappy Summer’ idea. Now how much fabric do I need? Hmmmm. One of my ideas is to make a quilt with triangles like a few that I have seen in various blogs that are made using strip sets. What about doing a small ‘scrappy trip around the world’. I also have been wanting to make a simple quilt of using squares and rectangles. Okay…now I have too many ideas.

Well…enough talking. Time to take my coffee to the porch and make my list of tasks to do today.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!


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