Scrap Quilt

When I first started quilting I would cut out a little 3-1/2″ square out of each fabric I purchased. I kept them all organized and used them when I started deciding on fabrics for the next quilt. At the time, I thought I was very clever. This way I didn’t have to pull out the actual fabric – just look at the little squares. As the years past, I decided to stop cutting the squares – especially since I now have SOOOO many fabrics. A couple of months ago, I pulled out the container with these squares and try to find a pattern to use them to make a ‘scrap quilt’. I looked at a lot of pattern designs and never found one that inspired me. I was just on Crazy Mom’s blog and she had a small quilt using a block she called ‘whirlygiggle’. Seeing it reminded me how much I like the pattern when I have seen it at quilt shows or in magazines. Simple design…nice look.


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